How To Restart Your Two-wheeler After A Long Time

How To Restart Your Two-wheeler

2 August 2021

How To Restart Your Two-wheeler After A Long Time

When a new vehicle is purchased, our affection for it goes beyond explanation. And when it comes to a personal vehicle, especially a bike, we feel ourselves on cloud nine. We then don’t consider it a means of transport only, but we consider it our lives. However, the pandemic has compelled us not to use our vehicles for long. Earlier, you might have taken a ride freely on your two-wheeler. But now things are not as they were before. Consequently, your two-wheeler might have started creating problems while turning on, along with making other parts of the vehicle jam. It is a clear indication that your bike lacks power. So you need to keep in mind several points when you suppose to restart your two-wheeler after a long period:

Battery: When a vehicle remains unused for long, chances are its battery might have drained out, and thus it will require a jump start. Therefore, if you are all set to use your bike after a long period, the first thing to do is to recharge its battery.

Rust: Rusting usually takes place in high humidity weather, and it leads to the jamming of brakes. It is not always necessary that rust would occur on the outside of the bike. It even takes place inside, i.e. underneath the fuel tank and on the engine, over the chassis proving it too risky for bike riders.

Fluid: A two-wheeler requires a sufficient amount of fluids, including engine oil, brake oil, along with lubricants for its smooth functioning. When not in use for a long time, the other mechanical parts of the two-wheeler, including chains, often get dried up, which needs to be checked before heading out.

Ordinary checkup: It is important to check on your two-wheeler regularly to prevent any electrical or mechanical failures that may create extreme major issues.

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