Maintenance Tips For Proper Functioning Of An Inverter Battery

Maintenance Tips For An Inverter Battery

26 Apr 2021

Maintenance Tips For Proper Functioning Of An Inverter Battery

“Inverter awaaz kar raha hai, lights off kar do, fan off kar do, television off kar do!” - This is a popular statement of most of the users who face issues due to terrible battery power backup.

Electricity performs a critical function in our lives, as almost everything needs the power to run. However, frequent power cuts make us realize the significance of an appropriate power backup. Earlier we gave preferences to generators; however as time passes, inverters have come into the limelight to offer us power backup solutions.

One of the most essential components of an inverter is its battery. A battery not only assists in the better performance of an inverter but also increases its life. Due to this, it is important to ensure regular maintenance of these batteries.

Below mentioned are some of the simplest and easiest tips to preserve the durability of a battery.

Keep The Battery Free From Corrosion And Rust
Rust found in terminals can affect the current flow of the battery, resulting in charging the battery slowly with decreased battery life. So, it is important to clean the corrosion and rust that took place on terminals with warm water and baking soda solution. You can also apply petroleum jelly to the terminals by placing the battery in a dry place to avoid rust and corrosion.

Keep Using The Inverter Battery Regularly
Once the inverter is installed, make sure to use it on a regular basis. However, if the power-cut does not occur, discharge the battery at least once every month and then charge it again.

Store Battery In A Cool Place And Keep It Away From Inflammable Objects
The inverter battery may get heated up at some stage in charging and operation. So it is recommended to put the inverter battery at some airy and spacious place where natural cooling airflow may be supplied to prevent the inverter battery from heating. Apart from this, a battery should be kept away from inflammable objects so that it cannot catch fire.

Keep On Checking The Water Level Of The Battery
Keep checking the water level of the battery every two months and try to maintain the balance of the water level between the minimum and maximum level. Always use distilled water to top up the battery as normal tap water or rainwater can bring impurities thereby affecting the performance and shortening the life of the battery.

Replace Damaged Batteries
It is advisable to change the batteries that are worn out. Batteries lose their designated capability with time and thus reduce power backup. Therefore, you must buy quality batteries that will last longer and also guarantee the correct charge storage capacity.

Keep In Mind The Capacity Of The Inverter
Do not connect loads greater than what the inverter was designed to carry. The more devices you use during power cuts, the more power will be drained out of batteries and the shorter will be the backup period. Disconnect extra load when not in use.

Avoid Using Power-draining Devices
Try to use those devices during power cuts that consume lesser power from inverter batteries. If you use devices that consume more power from the battery, it will put more loads on the inverter and the life of the battery will be shortened.

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