The only one in India. Use Solar to power up your AC, Refrigerator, Washing Machine, LED, Water Pump, Induction and more real time without battery.


◉ Saving on power bills/No Power cut.
◉ Cost effective, noiseless and better than diesel generators
◉ Real time power availability in day time.
◉ Technology works without grid sensitivity and storage.
◉ No maintenance.
◉ Easy to install.

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DIY Installation Process

1. Structure for nine nos of solar panels on ground /rooftop to be fixed with proper anchoring.

2. Fixing of washers, nut and bolt of structure and placing of solar panel on structure table.

3. UV protected 1 core 4sqmm copper cable with Mc-4 to be used for termination.

4. Attach nine solar panels in series and measure voltage which should be 350v to 450v.

5. Fix the TAG Ultima on the wall and terminate it with load point.

6. Change over switch to be fixed at load point.

7. Switch ON/OFF with remote and start enjoying free electricity.



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