Autoz365 Lubricants

Autoz365 Lubricants

Autoz365 Lubricants
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About Lubricants

Autoz365, powered by Tesla Power USA, offers lubricating oils: gear oil, brake oil, engine oil, and coolants, which assure great performance and stability. The innovative additive system and 100% completely synthetic base oil are used in the formulation of the lubricants. The product is specially made to withstand severe temperatures, shock loading, and heavy-duty drivetrains with excellent capability for load carrying. The lubricants have anti-oxidant, anti-rust, anti-wear, and anti-corrosion qualities because they are precisely developed to offer outstanding service stability. The oils are designed to improve performance in vehicles of the current generation. The Autoz365 lubricants 15W50, 80W90, 5W30, 20W50, 20W40, and 10W30 have similar formulas.

Lubricants For Use In:

● Use in heavy-duty drivetrains when superior load-carrying capabilities are required for the gear lubricants.
● Ideal for providing exceptional service stability for high-end motorcycles.
● Suitable for gasoline powered vehicles with blended mineral base
● Use as coolants in radiators because of the excellent corrosive inhibitor, and best lubricity ingredients.


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