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Tesla Battery in India

Tesla battery offers a complete range of modern Maintenance-Free Two-wheeler, automotive, UPS and inverter batteries that can deliver years of dependable service. In Tesla Power USA we are focused to offer the best quality batteries at an affordable price along with the maximum warranty in Indian market. Tesla batteries are made with advanced automotive technologies and designs which is par excellence in the battery fraternity.

Best Battery In India


Tesla Power USA is amongst the leading business conglomerates of India with regards spanning verticals from the manufacturing and delivery of batteries. Tesla Power USA designs batteries with exceptional quality with higher energy density, more stable performance, and greater power. The batteries manufactured by Tesla Power USA have built-in BMS (Battery Management System) to protect them from overcharge, over-discharge, over-current, and short circuits with excellent self-discharge rates. Tesla Power USA designs maintenance-free batteries that deliver amazing long-term performance and results, transforming a satisfying customer experience. Tesla Power USA delivers quality and durability assurance to batteries with zero maintenance and perfect protection making them the right choice for the Indian roads. Tesla Power USA, with its flagship product, is one of the largest manufacturers of automotive and industrial battery applications in the Indian storage battery industry.

Technology We Use

Tesla Power USA is the technology leader, which always remains up-to-date with the latest technology and therefore produces its batteries by the same means that manufacture batteries of superior quality. Tesla Power USA manufactures batteries that guarantee excellent performance, low maintenance, and fast charging capability and promise a long-term warranty Tesla Power USA believes in keeping up with the latest innovations adopted with advanced American technology in battery manufacturing. The batteries, designed and manufactured by Tesla Power USA, are very well equipped and implemented using the advanced methodology, ultimately resulting in an increased customer satisfaction rate.

Core Values

The core values of Tesla Power USA are Equality, Gratitude, Inheritance, and Innovation. We tend to provide advanced rechargeable battery solutions to our unique clients and become the go-to manufacturer for battery solutions. We ensure a sense of accomplishment and happiness and be recognized and respected by our customers and peers.

Tesla Power USA makes its products available through the best knowledge-based distribution and service organizations for the people and businesses that rely on batteries to work, live, or get away.

We continuously look for developing new technologies and storage solutions with an aim to provide our customers with the maximum performance and efficiency required for the most demanding applications.

Why Is Tesla Power USA The Best Battery Brand In India?

Supporting sustainability goals- Our battery packs deliver power that helps lower your carbon footprint while boosting business efficiency. Our battery packs use less energy than other so-called good batteries, and are maintenance-free, and eliminate the risk of spills, corrosion, or toxic fumes.

Design and Manufacturing expertise- Our in-house engineering and software experts have decades of experience designing battery solutions. We know how to design and manufacture batteries to optimize performance and safety, backed by UL and patent-protected IP listings.

Dedicated Support- We provide more than just know-how. Our success lies in providing ideal customer service. We support you every step of the way, from the initial assessment of your specific application to after-sales service. Our comprehensive resources make embracing advanced technology an easy transition for your line.

Affordable Battery Brand In India

Tesla Power USA considers it its responsibility to offer its customers innovative batteries with a long-lasting warranty that provides immense customer service. Tesla Power USA, being a prestigious battery brand, has introduced varieties of batteries suitable for all automotive and commercial vehicles of different brands and models in the market.

So far, our sales network covers all areas of the African and American continent, along with stepping ahead in the Indian region with a view to providing better service to our customers for efficient delivery and after-sales service.

Tesla Power USA is not only a battery manufacturer but also a solution provider offering battery solutions to meet customers' needs. Tesla batteries are widely used in residential and commercial applications. Tesla Power USA has independent and advanced facilities each equipped with laboratories where research and tests of different materials and new products are carried out, including different types of reliability and safety tests. Our quality management system runs standards to ensure product quality, stability, and reliability. In addition, during our process of raw material purchasing, inspection, manufacturing, outbound quality control, and warehouse management, scientific operating standards are set and executed for excellent efficiency.

Availability Of Tesla Power USA Battery In India

Tesla Power USA offers the possibility of establishing the largest network of Hi-tech service centers by setting up Tesla Power Shop, where the entire marketing and sales support with USA technology will be offered. So far as the reviving services are concerned, all mechanically and physically intact lead-acid batteries used for inverters, UPS and industrial purposes can be restored in the Tesla Power Shop.

Tesla Power Shop is a hybrid model of sales and services that deals in the sale of the latest batteries, revitalizing all old lead-acid batteries using unique battery recognition technology of Tesla Power USA, providing battery services to other Tesla Power customers of a particular area, etc.

Tesla Power USA has pioneered the manufacture of automotive batteries, Two wheeler batteries and inverter batteries, by adopting innovative technology at affordable prices. Tesla Power USA has revolutionized the energy storage industry by introducing high-end, long-life batteries. Tesla Power USA is engaged in the production of lead-acid batteries and lithium-ion batteries of high quality and excellent characteristics. Tesla Power USA has launched all types of lead-acid batteries in the first phase, aiming to continue validating innovative techniques with the help of its research and development team and supply them to meet the growing demand in storage space. Customers can visit the nearest Tesla Power Shop, a hybrid model of sales and services being launched by Tesla Power USA, to shop for automotive, residential, and commercial batteries. In addition, they can visit the official website of Tesla Power USA to gain in-depth knowledge of the batteries available in the Indian market.

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