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Many of the items we use these days are powered by batteries or gas. These two elements have one common factor: they can be used until depleted. Whenever they do, it is common practice to replenish gas or dispose of old batteries and replace them with fresh ones. A prevalent example of this is an inverter battery or a car battery.

Throwing batteries would result in a significant amount of garbage on the planet. Furthermore, batteries are widely utilised and contain a lot of potential hazards. As a result, getting rid of them might not be a good decision. Recovering your batteries is an alternative to tossing them out. Bike batteries are often discarded from mechanic shops and carelessly thrown into landfills.

Battery Revival is the activity of reusing and reprocessing batteries to reduce the number of batteries discarded as garbage. Batteries carry a mixture of hazardous compounds and toxic metals, and their disposal has raised ecological problems owing to water and soil poisoning. As a result, batteries must be recycled for health and environmental reasons.

How Tesla Power USA is fullfiling its Corporate Social Responsibility?

Replacing an old battery to recover its lead levels is not only ethically and ecologically friendly, but it also makes financial sense for all people concerned in the production chain.

Tesla Power USA revives the used batteries as the company is committed to help safeguard the environment while also reducing the unstructured market's portion in the market. Battery rejuvenation is the best way to give a second life to any old battery. We can rejuvenate almost all types of batteries including automobiles, inverters, ups, industrial power backups, solar power batteries, forklift batteries, telecom batteries and any other battery banks.

If you have bought batteries from us, please remember to contact us to revive your old lead acid batteries. Our unique hybrid model of sales and service available in your city with the name of “Tesla Power Shop”, will enable you to get your old battery revived at hardly 15% cost of buying a new battery. Hence, we do not only sell new batteries, also promote revival of old batteries. This way, you can also play your part in promoting a healthier environment by helping us in our endeavors. We are trying to fulfill our role as the maker of the best batteries in India and become the most environmentally conscious company in India by providing recycling and sustainable battery services


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