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Tesla Power Shop

On a mission to make a global presence, Tesla Power USA has allowed joining the hands of the fastest-growing franchise network by setting up Tesla Power Shop in India.
Tesla Power Shop is a hybrid model of sales and services, you will be required to perform the following activities:

• New battery sales
• Revival of old lead-acid batteries of any brand using unique battery rejuvenation technology of Tesla Power USA.
• Providing battery services to customers of other battery brands of a particular area nearby Tesla Power Shop.

Tesla Power USA provides an opportunity to establish the largest network of Hi-tech service centers by setting up Tesla Power Shop, where complete marketing and sales support with USA technology will be offered by the company.

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tesla power shop

Client Testimonials

Akram ali

Honest review after 3 months business doing with teslapower usa zero complaint, good Market response, quality products with premium design. Their staff & management team are very supportive & helpful & i am so happy to do business with #teslapowerusa.

Mayank Singh

Tesla comes with great products and excellent services across India. Tesla Power USA is by far the best battery brand I have used!

Arup Mazumdar

Quality product at affordable price with maximum warranty

Mohit Singh

Soo far the best and the safest batteries to be used. I had a complaint for inverter battery and the customer service was soo quick Quite impressive support. warranty is also good . Prices are so far the best

Dia Sharma

Their batteries are really long lasting and provides good performance as well!