5 tips to maintain and care XPulse Battery

Maintain XPulse Battery

How to Properly Maintain and Care for Your XPulse Battery?

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  • Apr 09, 2024

There’s no better way to explore your dream destination than on a bike. Exploring the morning traffic or commuting to work, a bike is always the best option. A well-maintained bike has the potential to let you plan any road trip without thinking about the vehicle's performance. 

To keep the vehicle performance stable, it is necessary to properly maintain and care for your bike as well as the bike battery. As you know a bike battery is responsible for powering the self-start or other electrical components. So, to bring the best performance to the bike, a battery must be in good condition. 

Do you know that almost all the batteries have a limited lifespan and further need replacement? The interesting thing is you can extend the battery life just by frequently maintaining your Xpulse battery. 

So, if you are looking to extend your XPulse battery life, make sure to go through the whole article. The article will highlight the necessary steps that contribute to good battery life.

5 Tips to Maintain and Care XPulse Battery

  • Check the Battery Charging Level

Lead acid batteries involve electrolytes that are responsible for charging or discharging the battery. So, to consider the health of the battery, it is important to keep track of the battery charging level. If the battery is not fully charged make sure to charge it before using.

  • Park in Moderate Temperature

To prevent your battery from freezing, cracking, or swelling, store it at a moderate temperature. Extreme heat and cold may damage the battery's health as well as lead to battery failure. So, if you are not using the vehicle make sure to store it in wood or a warmer surface.

  • Regularly Clean Battery Terminals

Over time, lead acid batteries start leaking which results in the buildup of unwanted corrosion, disrupting the power supply. Corrosion is caused by the various chemicals in the battery and it can be easily prevented through regular cleaning of battery terminals. 

  • Avoid Workload

Like human beings decrease their overall performance if pressured and bike battery also drops their performance if it is overloaded by aftermarket accessories. Installing aftermarket accessories can negatively impact the battery health as it consumes lots of energy which may also result in sudden battery failure. So, for the best care of the battery, say no to the aftermarket accessories.

  • Select the Right Battery

Selecting the right battery is a challenging task, especially for beginners who don’t have enough idea about the bike battery. Choosing the right battery is the best way to enhance the motorcycle's performance. So, for high-performance and maintenance-free batteries, choose Tesla Power USA batteries.


Adopting the right care and maintenance of the battery can increase its overall lifespan. Almost all batteries lose their potential over time, but the battery can perform longer than usual using basic care. If you still struggle with the right battery, choose Tesla Power USA batteries. Tesla offers the best and most affordable batteries for all segments of vehicles. Tesla, the most reliable manufacturer of batteries is best known for delivering power and performance.

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