All One Need To Know About Tesla Power Shop

Everything about Tesla Power Shop

All One Need To Know About Tesla Power Shop

All One Need To Know About Tesla Power Shop
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  • Jul 16, 2021

It is for the first time in India that a hybrid model of empowering sales and services named Tesla Power Shop has been launched by a Delaware, USA-based company “ Tesla Power USA”.

But, what is Tesla Power USA?
What exactly does the company do?
Where did the company originate?

Well, Tesla Power USA is a company based in the United States of America, the headquarter of which is situated in Delaware, USA. Tesla Power USA has been pioneered in manufacturing batteries related to automobiles, and power backup devices, like inverters, adopting innovative technology at affordable prices. Tesla Power USA has revolutionized the energy storage industry by introducing high-class batteries with long durable life. Tesla Power USA has satisfactorily established its base in the American continent and is looking forward to expanding its operations in many countries of other continents as well, including that of the Asian continent, India. Tesla Power USA deals in manufacturing lead-acid batteries and Lithium-Ion batteries of high quality and great features. Tesla Power USA has launched all types of lead-acid batteries in the first phase, the endeavor of which is to continue adopting innovative techniques with the assistance of its research and development team and providing the same to fulfill the escalating demand in the energy storage space.

On a mission to make a global presence, Tesla Power USA has allowed joining the hands of the fastest-growing franchise network by setting up Tesla Power Shop in India. As Tesla Power Shop is a hybrid model of sales and services, you will be required to perform the following activities:
• New battery sales.
• Revival of old lead-acid batteries of any brand using unique battery rejuvenation technology of Tesla Power USA.
• Providing battery services to customers of other battery brands of a particular area nearby Tesla Power Shop.

Now, let us talk further and get a detailed analysis of the requirement to be a franchise of Tesla Power USA, holding Tesla Power Shop:

To build a Tesla Power Shop, an area of 250 to 300 sq. ft. is required at a prominent location with a 6-kilowatt single-phase electric connection. It is quite obvious that to establish a business, one needs an amount of capital to invest. Likewise, to set up the Tesla Power Shop, one needs an overall investment of seven to eight lakh rupees. The cost of getting new batteries, battery regeneration equipment kit, battery AMC services, and infrastructure development costs are all included. However, by investing in Tesla Power Shop, one will get high returns on investment of a minimum of 1 lakh rupees monthly. That means one will get a high return with a very low investment. Moreover, Tesla Power USA has announced a subsidy of 50% on the initial investment which covers the setting up of Tesla Power Shop. Although, this is a temporary offer that is subject to end or continues as per the company policy.

Tesla Power USA provides an opportunity to establish the largest network of Hi-tech service centers by setting up Tesla Power Shop, where complete marketing and sales support with USA technology will be offered by the company.

In the Tesla Power Shop, there are multiple revenue generation schemes. Selling new lead-acid batteries of brand Tesla Power USA is one among them that gives a good margin of 25-30% to the owner of Tesla Power Shop.

Most people might think that there are so many other well-renowned battery brands out in the market, why would one prefer to visit Tesla Power Shop to purchase batteries.

Well, that might be true, but the Tesla Power USA brand has its salient features which can attract more and more customers. Tesla Power USA believes in marking a good impression in the life of its battery users by offering a higher warranty and price of each battery at par or slightly lower than other brands.

As far as the reviving services are concerned, all mechanically and physically intact lead-acid batteries used for inverter, UPS, and industrial purposes can be revived in the Tesla Power Shop which is the unique feature of a Tesla Power Shop. However, in the Tesla Power Shop ~ 250 batteries in a month can be revived, by attaching 16 batteries in series at a time, and the cost involved for reviving the battery is approx 5% of the cost of the battery and the owner of Tesla Power Shop can earn a handsome margin over the same.

Therefore, Tesla Power USA is providing a lifetime opportunity of opening a Tesla Power Shop in your area. Hold a respected position by being one of the channel partners of Tesla Power USA, where you will be providing end-to-end solutions for all kinds of lead-acid batteries. If you wish to submit your request for the same, please click here and the support team will get in touch with you soon.

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