5 Tips to Maintain the Average Lifespan of Avenger Battery

Avenger Battery

5 Surprising Ways to Maximize the Power of Your Avenger Battery

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  • Feb 07, 2024

Addressing the popularity of the Bajaj Avenger, it has been always a beloved vehicle for all ride enthusiasts. It comes among the best vehicles for all daily life commutes, adding extra power and performance to the journey. The battery is one of the most essential components that helps in getting the most out of the bike.

A bike battery is responsible for powering critical components like the headlight, taillight, horn, indicator, self start function. If the battery is good, it will never suffer but what if it is not?

The lifespan of the battery can be increased through regular maintenance and inspections. Let’s see what those are.

5 Tips to Maximize the Power of Avenger Battery

1. Track Charge Level
The 2-wheeler battery must maintain the optimum charging level to keep the battery active for a long time. Regularly inspect the battery charging level, a low-charged battery might result in the dying quickly. To make the battery charging level idle, ignite the engine for at least 15 minutes before rides. Use a voltmeter to detect the exact charging level of the battery.

2. Keep the Electrolyte Level Full
The electrolyte level of the battery is responsible for keeping the battery charged or discharged. Over the period, it requires electrolytes to maintain the charging level, low electrolytes result in the quick degradation of the battery. Ensure it to topped up to avoid low power.

3. Avoid Overload
Aftermarket modifications of the electrical components like LED lights and powerful horns heavily impact the performance of the battery. It creates an extra load on the battery, resulting in a faster drain. These activities may also put your battery at risk of permanent death.

4. Regular Inspection & Clean Battery Terminal
Regular inspection of the battery is always worthwhile, as it indicates the several failures of the battery which must be sorted quickly to avoid battery failure. A battery always has a positive and negative terminal. Over time, it gets the absorbance of calcium, carbon, and rust, which disrupts the power supply and results in lower performance. To avoid such cases, the terminals of the battery need to be cleaned within a couple of days.

5. Protect Battery From Cold, Sunlight, and Rain
Protecting the battery from cold, sunlight, and rain always results in an increased lifespan of the battery. Although automobile batteries are designed solid to withstand rugged climates, there’s always degradation in the battery life when exposed to direct sunlight, cold temperatures, and rain.

Exploring the best battery types for the Avenger can be a crucial task for newbies. Not to worry because Tesla Power USA is providing the best quality and highly optimized battery at affordable rates. The batteries are engineered to sustain longer and better than others.


Regular servicing of the bike is a simple tip to avoid any bike failure. It greatly impacts the overall performance of the vehicle. It is a must to take a regular inspection of the battery to keep it improvised. Riding a bike with a dead or less charged battery is harmful. Following the tips highlighted in the article will result in a better lifespan of the battery.

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