Benefits of Heavy Commercial Vehicle Batteries

Benefits of Heavy Commercial Vehicle Batteries

Benefits of Heavy Commercial Vehicle Batteries
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  • Nov 10, 2021

The battery is one of the most important components responsible for starting the engine and the reliable operation of all electrical systems. Commercial vehicles like buses, trucks, tractors, etc., require heavy-duty batteries as these vehicles are typically used in severe operating conditions, imposing special requirements for batteries.

A commercial vehicle is generally used for transporting goods or paying passengers. Heavy commercial vehicles require heavy-duty batteries for their diverse necessities and functions. Commercial vehicles need higher capacity and a cold start current. These parameters are higher than the ones of passenger vehicle batteries. Thus, the batteries designed for commercial vehicles have several special features and differ markedly from the batteries for passenger cars. The various characteristics of a commercial battery are:

• Extended use
• Durability
• Dependability
• Endurance in severe temperatures, various weather conditions, deep-cycling use, rugged terrains, etc.

The requirement for a battery to be environment-friendly and be high on safety regulations is extensively changing the market. These heavy-duty batteries are designed to address laborious tasks, providing more power than conventional automotive batteries. A battery is designed to fulfil the intense energy demands, yield a stable commencing power to extensive electronic equipment.

Benefits of commercial battery are:
• Improved performance
• Improved safety
• Corrosion resistance
• Maintenance-free under normal operating conditions
• Proven reliability
• Longer life
• High cranking performance
• Optimized grid structure
• Durability and robust design

Tesla Power USA is a trusted name for manufacturing robust and sturdy heavy vehicle batteries. Heavy duty batteries from Tesla Power USA give more power to your commercial vehicle. All our batteries are proficient in providing power and energy to heavy vehicles and enhancing their performance. Tesla Power USA is a leading name in the industry, providing a heart-warming experience to its customers for a lifelong association. Our low-maintenance battery provides good guidelines on warranty registration and support services for smooth and easy handling.

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