Benefits Of Opening Tesla Power Shop

Opening Tesla Power Shop

Benefits Of Opening Tesla Power Shop

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  • Dec 03, 2022

Tesla Power USA gives the opportunity to open a Tesla Power Shop and build the largest network of high-tech service centers. It is one of the fastest-growing franchise networks in India as opening its shops is a part of its worldwide expansion strategy.

There are numerous ways to generate income with the Tesla Power Shop. The owner of Tesla Power Shop has a healthy profit margin of 25–30%: selling new batteries under the Tesla Power USA brand. Due to the hybrid nature of the Tesla Power Shop's business model, you will be expected to do the following activities:

• Offering battery services to any other battery brand clients in a certain region close to a Tesla Power Shop.
• New battery sales.
• Revival of old lead-acid batteries of any other brand using Tesla Power India Pvt. Ltd.'s proprietary battery rejuvenation technology.

We give complete marketing assistance and our products are incredibly efficient since we sell vehicle batteries, home UPS systems, inverter batteries, water purifiers, and even solar batteries with the greatest warranties. We provide a Hybrid Model to empower the overall sales and services with the largest networks of Hi-Tech service centers. We follow the strategy of minimum investment and maximum returns.

With our fantastic services, we take AMC (Annual Maintenance Contracts) in the form of agreements as a service provider for the repair and maintenance of batteries used by clients. We also work on the next stage of the battery revival process, on-site battery services, and water purifier services.

Tesla Power India Pvt. Ltd. provides an opportunity to establish the largest network of Hi-tech service centers by setting-up Tesla Power Shop, where complete marketing and sales support with USA technology will be offered by the company.

Tesla Power USA is currently present throughout India and is expanding into other nations as well. Our ongoing efforts are now establishing standards. Tesla Power USA is offering a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to open a Tesla Power Shop in your nearby area.

Begin your adventure with us and make a lasting impression as a Tespian.

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