Pick Up the Best Inverter Battery for Home Usage at Tesla Power Shop

Pick Up the Best Inverter Battery for Home Usage at Tesla Power Shop

Pick Up the Best Inverter Battery for Home Usage at Tesla Power Shop
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  • Sep 08, 2021

If you are looking for reliable inverter batteries for your home, don’t worry, you have come to the right place.

As the global pandemic has hit almost everybody, snatching some people’s jobs, compelling some to work from home, the need for a dependable power backup has arisen to a great extent. Tesla Power USA inverter batteries are thus much in demand for home usage, as these batteries ensure that your daily activities can continue hassle-free during power failures. If you are puzzled about which inverter battery is right for your home, below are some elements to guide you.

Estimating power requirement for the finest home inverter battery

The first step involved while choosing an inverter battery for a home is to estimate your power requirement. You may need to think about how many fans, lamps, and other electronic appliances you will need for backup power before looking for inverter batteries. Say you want to operate two fans, two lamp bulbs, an LED and a TV that works during a power outage. In this case, you need to calculate the power consumption for all of this and then get an inverter battery that can handle the combined power or capacity.

Batteries are usually measured in Ampere Hours (Ah), which determines how much power the battery can deliver. To find out the capacity of your inverter in Ah based on the electrical requirements of your home, you should first consult with an electrician.

Well, what makes Tesla Power USA inverter batteries ideal for home use?

Tesla Power USA has been helping its customers for many years by offering affordable power backup solutions with quality products. The following can be cited as the backbone of a good inverter battery for home use, all of which the brand promises:

1. Ability to withstand frequent deep discharge - Tesla Power USA inverter batteries are acquainted with this safety feature, which is especially useful, if you stay in an area, where there are frequent or prolonged power cuts. The tubular batteries from the Tesla Power USA are equipped to operate at extreme temperatures and are used in high cyclic applications.

2. Reliability over months - Besides brand assurance and service, Tesla Power USA batteries deliver quality and durability on batteries to ensure your daily activities remain unhampered during power failures.

3. Low or No maintenance - Tesla Power USA batteries are conveniently built to ensure easy and smooth or even no maintenance. Tubular inverter batteries from brands like Tesla Power USA are manufactured with the up-to-date technology, which prevents shedding or corrosion and ensures the durability of the batteries.

4. Leakage free - Enhanced with the latest technology, Tesla Power USA inverter batteries assures high recharging efficiency, and are mostly leak-resistant, making them an ideal choice for home use.

Tesla Power Shop is a hybrid model of sales and services launched by Tesla Power USA, the most trusted and reliable brand, when it comes to delivering safe, secure, and long-lasting inverter batteries. Tesla Power USA is the leader in manufacturing the best inverter batteries, aiming to provide ultimate quality and highly satisfactory service. Visit the nearest Tesla Power Shop to get a wide range of inverter batteries suitable for your home inverter at affordable cost.

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