Steps to Consider During Battery Failure

Bike Battery Failure

What Happens If a Bike's Battery Runs Out While Riding?

bike battery failure
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  • Feb 25, 2024

The primary role of a bike battery is to power the self-start, horn, headlight, and taillight unless a bike has any aftermarket modification. The charging mechanism of the bike battery is very simple, it converts the mechanical energy into electrical energy using an alternator. But what if a bike battery runs out of charge before this know why the bike battery is draining while riding?

Here is a complete answer to all the queries related to battery drain.

How To Know Bike Battery Is Draining?

Of course, anyone can encounter battery drain while riding as it results in low beam light, horn, and sluggish performance. In everyday rides countering symptoms like the bike losing power, clicking noise while power starts, and much more.

These are the exact symptoms of the problem with the battery and must be resolved immediately to avoid any further problems during rides.

What happens if a bike's battery runs out while riding?

Inactive Power Start
Batteries suffering from critical issues may not provide enough juice to fire the engine. A dead battery leads to the manual kicking of the engine. Users have to manually kick start the engine when the battery gets completely dead. The possible reasons may be leaving lights or the ignition turned on.

Low Beam Light
Due to the improper charging of the battery, the light of the vehicles turns dim and the riders have to suffer a lot during the night driving. Riding in low-beam light is not recommended during the night as it may lead to severe accidents.

Annoying Noise
Yes, it is very annoying to hear a clicking sound during the power start. The battery doesn’t have enough juice to deliver and after all, delivers a clicking noise.

Low Performance
There’s a gradual decrease in the performance of the vehicle in regards to a defective battery. The riders feel sluggish performance in the vehicle.

What To Do If Battery Dies While Riding?

The question is very genuine and most of the riders must be looking for it. Coming straight to the question, one can run their bike in the absence of batteries in emergency conditions but not recommended for a long time. It may damage the bike parts.

Another important thing to do during the battery failure is to check all wiring connections of the battery and ensure it is perfectly fitted. Jumpstart can be also done in case of emergency using another vehicle. Lastly, the option of push start is also available but not recommendable.


Running out of battery somewhere in the middle of the journey may put the riders in obstacles. The guide highlighted all the key aspects of 2-wheeler battery failure and how to act during a battery failure. Tesla Power USA is delivering quality optimized batteries at affordable rates to tackle this situation. It has a maximum warranty and a longer lifespan.

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