Can the Inverter Battery be revived?

Inverter Battery be revived?

Can the Inverter Battery be revived?

Can Inverter Battery revived
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  • Nov 03, 2022

The answer is yes!
Tesla Power Shop is a hybrid sales and service module where you can buy new batteries of any type, application, or capacity as well as repair or revive your old inverter batteries. In addition, we deliver creative solutions to corporate and bulk battery customers. Our unique proposal for the maintenance and revival of all types of inverter batteries, employing our proprietary Electrochemical Battery Enhancement Process (EBEP) technology, not only saves money but also protects the environment. The battery revival technique is a green energy technology that doubles the battery life. It is an innovation that adds to cost savings while also helping to reduce the trend of global warming, energy shortages, and environmental degradation. Tesla Power USA uses a patented technology that helps you to give a second life to your inverter batteries.

The battery revival technique has two important benefits: substantial cost savings and environmental protection from toxic hazardous waste.

Often, reviving a battery is less expensive than acquiring a new one. It will often save you 70% to 80% of the entire cost involve in buying a new battery. Reviving the battery not only saves money but also extends battery life to 3-5 years, which is very important.

Battery sales in India are estimated to be about 70,000 Crores per year, with demand for energy storage expanding rapidly. Our motive for inverter battery revival is to contribute something to the environment.

We, at Tesla Power USA, believe in making the environment safe and healthy for everyone to live in. Thus, we encourage the revival of inverter batteries, which is the process of giving outdated lead acid batteries a second life. If you want to revive your inverter battery, you can get this done easily at your nearest Tesla Power Shop. It's time to give back to the environment and society via modest actions that can have a big effect.

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