Common Causes Of A Car Battery Failure

Common Causes Of A Car Battery Failure

Common Causes Of A Car Battery Failure
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  • Apr 23, 2021

A battery is an indispensable article of an automotive vehicle. It is responsible for powering the mechanical and the electrical components relating to a vehicle’s ordinary performance. However, a maximum of the people, at least once in their life span, has come to a point where they experienced vehicle starting problems. It occurs due to a broken or susceptible battery. You might be astonished to know that the battery acts as the coronary heart of an automotive vehicle. So, we must have a deep knowledge of what causes a car battery failure. These will not only assist us in looking after our car but also in deciding the proper battery subsequent time.

Generally, certain factors may be blamed for inflicting a battery to die, which includes the vehicle’s condition, the battery’s quality, how regularly it is used and maintained. However, the reasons for most battery failures are because of the user's irresponsibility, electric gadget malfunction, bad battery condition, etc. Let’s discuss in detail some of the most common causes of a car battery failure:

Life Cycle Of A Battery
Everything on the earth comes to an end, and so do the batteries. Aging, undoubtedly, is a big factor to harm a car battery. As time passes, the internal resistance which is considered the gatekeeper to a battery increases and eventually leads to heat and low voltage, which lowers its runtime.

Frequent Short Drives
Making frequent short trips makes the batteries struggle badly. However, it alone is not responsible. The time should also be taken into consideration when the vehicle has been left idle in between those short trips. Frequent short trips could compel your car battery to stop before the alternator has had a chance to recharge the battery.

Human Carelessness
Although natural causes that are beyond human control are also one of the major factors to damage a car battery, we can’t deny the fact that even human negligence is also responsible. Well, first and foremost, accidently leaving the car headlights and interior lights on and secondly, charging your electronic devices such as mobile, laptop, etc, while going out somewhere also makes your battery overtaxed. So, make sure to turn the headlights of the car off and unplug all the charging cables before turning off your car so that you can prevent the car battery from being drained.

Corrosion Reaction
The alternator charges a battery, the acid of which is corrosive, through the battery terminals. So, if the links are all flooded, the battery won’t be able to get charged properly. Therefore, cleaning the corrosion is mandatory to improve the car’s ability to charge the battery.

Terrible Temperatures
It is one of the most common causes of battery failure. Extremely hot or extremely cold temperatures can put a negative impact on a battery. This will not let the battery die; instead, it will reduce the charge and make the battery weak over time. Weak batteries cannot comply with severe temperatures and hence fail to survive.

The life cycle of a battery is finite, but it can significantly be shortened by these factors which tend to cause the battery to fail prematurely.

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