What Are Some Commonly Believed Myths About Inverter Batteries?

Inverter Battery Myths

What Are Some Commonly Believed Myths About Inverter Batteries?

Commonly Believed Myths About Inverter Batteries
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  • July 12, 2022

If you live in a neighbourhood where power outages are common, you probably don't need to be convinced of the value of an inverter. Still, you may have heard some minor details about inverter battery systems that have influenced your thinking but are incorrect.

False Beliefs About Inverter Batteries
Some of the more widespread misconceptions about inverter batteries are as follows.

1. Watering your battery constantly is not a smart option
One big myth is that maintaining a wet battery, the most commonly used type of inverter, requires frequent additions of water.

This is not the situation. While it is true that maintaining adequate water levels is essential for optimal operation, doing so more frequently than recommended is not necessary. The traditional 150AH 12V battery should only need water added to it once every few months.

2. Using Water From the tap in Inverter Battery cells is not Good
You should not believe anyone who tells you that trying to fill your inverter battery with tap water is perfectly fine. You only ever need to use distilled water in your rechargeable batteries. Your battery's lifespan will be drastically shortened by filling it with tap water.

3. Battery performance can be affected by temperature

Another common misconception is that your inverter battery's effectiveness won't be affected by the ambient temperature.
Do not assume that your inverter battery is immune to temperature changes. If you want to keep your battery in an ideal temperature range — neither too warm nor too chilly — then you should look for a model that has built-in temperature regulation.
In this way, the sensor can prevent overcharging or undercharging due to temperature fluctuations.

4. Avoid letting your battery die completely before charging it
Make sure the inverter battery is completely dead before charging it, you may have heard as part of the advice for maintaining your battery. Yet another untruth. If you take this advice, you will reduce your battery's capacity to store energy.

5. When purchasing a battery charger, keep the following in mind:
•There's a myth going around that a cheap battery charger works just as well, but that's not true either.
• Getting the most out of your battery and keeping it running for as long as possible depends heavily on the quality of your inverter.
• Finding an inverter with multiple charging stages is important because it prevents your battery from being under or overcharged.

Given the importance of having a reliable backup system, it is clear that purchasing a high-quality Tesla inverter battery is a wise decision. When caring for your battery, it's best to avoid any suggestions that could potentially harm it.

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