Distinguishing a Car Battery and a Truck Battery

Distinguishing a Car Battery and a Truck Battery

Distinguishing a Car Battery and a Truck Battery
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  • Oct 11, 2021

The quality and efficient performance of a vehicle largely depend on selecting the right batteries for it. The power source which determines the caliber of the vehicle is the batteries. The main difference between a car battery and a truck battery is how they are designed and how fast they deliver current. However, a car battery should not be used in a truck at any cost.

Let us know the primary distinction between a car battery and a truck battery:
1. Supply current: A car battery is designed with thin plates, while a truck battery uses thicker plates. Once the truck battery starts the engine, it provides constant current for long periods.
2. Battery Ratings: Car batteries are rated for cold cranking power, while truck batteries are rated for amp hours.
3. Battery Choice: Car batteries produce more cranking power while truck batteries are more durable.

Benefits of a Truck Battery
• High-performance: Trucks require more power to start than a four-wheeler. A fine truck battery is designed to efficiently start huge vehicles with sufficient power to resist the high currents required.
• Recharge faster: A faster charging truck battery is beneficial in extended usage as it makes them more powerful are reliable.
• Extended Battery Life: Truck batteries are designed to offer a longer battery lifespan than regular batteries.

Truck Battery Variants
AGM: The technology used in AGM batteries is more durable due to their recyclable parts.
Lithium-Ion: These types of batteries are ideally high-performing batteries than traditional batteries because of their capacity for storing more energy.
Lead-Acid Batteries: Lead Acid Batteries are quite common for trucks, featuring a lead-acid combination that stores the electric charge.

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