Do’s and Don’ts of Topping Up Inverter Battery

Do’s and Don’ts of Topping Up Inverter Battery

Do’s and Don’ts of Topping Up Inverter Battery
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  • Dec 21, 2021

Every inverter owner sooner or later learns one thing, i.e. inverters need water. But, have you ever thought why do we need to top up water in the inverter battery? How much water is needed? How much risk is involved?

So, let's understand the importance of water in inverter batteries, the type of water used in inverter batteries, and what to do and not to do while filling the inverter water.

Why Does an Inverter Battery Need Water?
Inverters work on chemical reactions to convert direct current to alternating current and power your devices. The acid which is usually dilute sulfuric acid is used in chemical reactions, and its rate decreases due to lack of water inside the battery compartment to create an optimal balance between acid and water. The make-up water level in the inverter should always be maintained to ensure that the sulfuric acid is sufficiently diluted and does not lose its effectiveness over time.

However, it is recommended to use only distilled water for the batteries of inverters. Do you know why? Well, because distilled water is the purest form of water that doesn't even contain ions like regular water.

Why Should One Fill Distilled Water in Inverter Batteries?
Normal water contains ions due to which the electrodes are blocked, forming a layer, and inhibiting chemical reactions that generate energy in the batteries of the inverter. If the water contains organic compounds or dust particles, the power-producing chemical reactions in the batteries will be hindered. However, distilled water does not contain these ions, and hence, causes no problems for the electrodes and ensures smooth functioning of the batteries.

What to do?
• Use only distilled water for the inverter battery.
• Check the level of distilled water in the battery on a monthly basis.
• Wear gloves when filling the battery with distilled water.
• Set a reminder in your smartphone at regular intervals that provide notifications on water levels.

What not to do?
• Avoid filling too much or too little distilled water in the inverter battery.
• Let the water drain out of the chambers.
• Use RO water or other filtered water instead of distilled water.

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