Ensure The Longevity Of Two-wheeler Batteries

Two Wheeler Batteries Longevity

Ensure The Longevity Of Two-wheeler Batteries

Ensure The Longevity Of Two-wheeler Batteries
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  • Aug 11, 2021

A battery is a vital component of a two-wheeler that provides energy to other parts of the two-wheeler for its proper working. A two-wheeler always remains in high demand for regular commute. The major source of energy in any vehicle is the battery. To keep the two-wheeler in good condition and to make sure that it is running properly, it is necessary to ensure the proper health of its battery. A battery is responsible for providing power to every component of a two-wheeler, including starting, ignition, lighting, etc.

The main function of a battery is to start the engine of the vehicle. It provides sufficient power to the ignition system in order to start the vehicle. Moreover, when the engine is not running, the electricity generated from the battery is used for operating the lighting, electrical systems, and accessories.

Tips to ensure longevity of two-wheeler batteries:

Go for a Visual Inspection
Make sure to visually inspect your two-wheeler quarterly, even if the vehicle is new. Check for any loose and broken terminals as they can lead to dangerous short circuits. Moreover, any exterior cracks, leakages, or any such kinds of stuff indicate a quick battery replacement.

Top-up at Regular Intervals
It is always essential to check the electrolyte level of a two-wheeler battery. Make sure not to top up the battery with regular water or rainwater but distilled water, as it is free from impurities. Also, keep the electrolyte level between the upper and lower limit marked on the container.

Clean the Terminals
The two-wheeler batteries must be kept free from any corrosion as corrosion causes problems while starting the vehicle. Therefore, make sure to clean the battery terminals and nearby areas regularly to prevent corrosion, resulting in extending the battery life in the long run.

Ensure Charging
If the battery is not being used for a long period, its chances of getting damaged increase to a large extent. However, a discharged battery results in hampering the battery life. Therefore, make sure to charge the two-wheeler battery at regular intervals, even if the vehicle is in an idle state.

Keep the battery Dirt-free
When a battery is fit in a two-wheeler, we hardly bother about the cleanliness of it. As a result, one can see dust particles on it, which are required to be cleaned timely so that the working ability of the battery does not get affected by it. Make sure to tightly close the vented caps of the battery to prevent the cleaner from entering the cells.

Hence, two-wheeler batteries require regular maintenance and cleaning to ensure their longevity. Tesla Power USA, the leading manufacturer of batteries, is providing high-class two-wheeler batteries. Tesla Power USA even suggests you take proper care of your two-wheeler battery for enjoying hassle-free rides for a longer period.

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