Extend The Life Of Your Two-wheeler Battery

Extend The Life Of Your Two-wheeler Battery

Extend The Life Of Your Two-wheeler Battery
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  • May 14, 2021

Two-wheeler is used to a large extent in our day-to-day commutation without paying much attention to its battery and maintenance. A two-wheeler can be well-maintained only if its battery is well maintained. It is not always necessary to go to the mechanics for the service of your two-wheeler battery. You can opt for several maintenance tips by yourself to make the two-wheeler battery go a long way.

Checking Fluids
The fluid of the battery should be checked frequently depending on the use of the vehicle, and the electrolyte should be filled with distilled water. Avoid using regular water as this could make the batteries weak in the long run. Distilled water is not even costly enough to buy and helps the batteries go in the long run.

Check Any Loose Connections
All the parts of the battery are interlinked through the battery by internal wiring, and any loose connection will create a problem in starting the vehicle. Therefore, it is crucial to check for any loose connections to the battery regularly in the vehicle.

Disconnect The Inactive Vehicle Battery
If the vehicle is inactive for a longer time, then disconnecting the battery attached to the vehicle as plugged in batteries results in power loss. Therefore, the battery should be disconnected to prevent any power loss, thereby extending its battery life. Moreover, make sure to store the battery in a warm and dry place.

If the two-wheeler is not getting started after several attempts, it could be due to battery degradation. In such a situation, it is advisable to approach a professional urgently.

Regular Charging
Make sure to charge the two-wheeler battery on a regular basis. This will help the battery work efficiently.

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