How Can You Get The Best Out Of Your Inverter Battery

Get The Best Out Of Your Inverter Battery

How to Get The Best Out Of Your Inverter Battery

How Can You Get The Best Out Of Your Inverter Battery?
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  • July 9, 2022

The days of relying on generators for emergency power are long past. As innovations in technology continue to advance, so do the options for securing data in the event of an emergency. Inverters are widely used, making them an example of this category.

When it comes to emergency power, generators are now a thing of the past. The variety of backup options available grows as technology advances. Inverters are widely used, making them an example of this category. In addition to being simple to set up, the inverter battery may be used as a backup for the AC and pretty much every other equipment in the house.

Although inverter batteries are low-maintenance, some care is still required. The optimal power output and extended life of your inverter can be achieved by following these maintenance guidelines for the battery.

1. What kind of battery should I use with my inverter?
The inverter's battery is critical, and it needs to be properly sized to meet the home's energy demands. Make sure you get a battery with the right amount of Ah (Ampere hours) capacity. Battery capacity should be set according to power requirements.

2. Make sure the battery is always exposed to air
Powerful though they may be, inverter batteries get quite warm while charging and use. If you want to keep the inverter batteries cool, you should store them somewhere with plenty of air circulation.

3. To what extent can I extend the battery life of my inverter?
Consistently using the inverter battery is recommended. If there are never any power outages at your home, you can safely charge and drain the battery once a month.

4. Prevent the inverter from being exposed to smoke and fire
These inverter batteries should be stored in an area that is free from the dangers of fire and smoke. This could hurt the batteries, potentially causing sparks and other problems.

5. When should I check the inverter battery's water level?
Every two months, you should monitor the water level in your inverter batteries to make sure it is still functioning properly. Keep the water level at all times between both the upper and lower limits markings.

6. Maintain consistent battery use
Consistent use of the inverter is necessary for keeping its battery charged. Even if there isn't going to be a power outage for a while, you should still fully empty the battery once a quarter and then charge it back up.

7. How do you maintain the inverter battery?
The generator battery should be decontaminated both internally and externally. If the battery's surface or edges are dirty or dusty, use a soft cloth to clean them up. Before disconnecting the battery from the inverter, be sure to follow all essential safety measures. To prevent corrosion, petroleum jelly should be applied to the terminals.

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