Future is Electric: Go Electric, Go Green

Future is Electric: Go Electric, Go Green

Future is Electric: Go Electric, Go Green
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  • May 02, 2022

A few decades back, electric vehicles were just an idea present in the minds of highly motivated individuals across the country. It was when even the high-class people had limited access to cell phones or televisions. So, how can they imagine vehicles that will run on electricity? Until 2020 when various companies came into existence and started dealing in electricity-based products.

Why this shift from fuel-based vehicles to electric vehicles?

One factor that justifies this shift very well is the price hike of fuels in recent times. The price hike of petrol and diesel is one of the reasons why people are considering shifting to electric vehicles as they are unable to afford fuels with current trends. Earlier it was not easy as no substitute was present in the market.

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Another reason that made this shift toward the electric vehicle is climate change and increasing pollution levels that can have catastrophic results in the future. Our continuation with current technologies is affecting the environment adversely, making it difficult for us and our future generations to live in a clean & safe environment where we have enough food, clean air to breathe in, and a healthy environment. The rapid destruction of our ecosystem has made us think of a better alternative instead of fossil fuel-based products.

How is Tesla Power USA a part of this alternative?

Tesla Power USA has started its journey to promote economically sustainable living and invent technologies that contribute to environmental protection rather than destruction. This objective made us create innovations like battery revival technology and solar products. We have also started working on the production of e-scooters and intend to take up the e-scooters market by 2025. We intend to venture into the market of e-scooters that will be accessible to almost every section of society. Thereby, encouraging the people to shift from fuel-based vehicles without giving it a second thought as this substitute will be available at a feasible cost. Another advantage of this initiative is the increasing usage of cleaner fuels & reduced carbon emissions as e-scooters support the promotion of sustainable living as they reduce our dependence on exhaustible and expensive fossil fuels.

Our Participation to Achieve Carbon Neutrality

Carbon Neutrality is a state where we acquire a state of net-zero carbon emissions that can only be achieved by carbon offsetting. A carbon offset is when we try to compensate for the carbon production at one particular place by using a different alternative.

Tesla Power USA started this initiative of battery rejuvenation where we encourage our customers to resell their used batteries at exciting prices instead of throwing them in landfills. We try to refurbish these batteries and utilize every bit of these old batteries to reduce carbon waste. Our sole purpose is to create sustainable living accessible to all. We wish to contribute our very best in this field in the coming years.

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