Guidelines To Take Care Of Your Inverter Battery

How to Take Care Of Your Inverter Battery

Guidelines To Take Care Of Your Inverter Battery

Guidelines To Take Care Of Your Inverter Battery
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  • May 16, 2021

A battery, being a crucial part of an inverter, is responsible for its smooth and efficient working. Therefore, proper care and maintenance of the battery should be made to ensure its hassle-free performance. With the help of a well-working inverter battery, it can provide uninterrupted power during power cuts.

A battery should be maintained well for the smooth functioning of the inverter. It is not always necessary to call for its servicing by any professional. Rather you can check out some maintenance tips for your inverter battery:
Use a well-ventilated place for installing an inverter as the inverter battery gets heated up while charging up and in operation. Therefore, proper ventilation helps in reducing the rising temperature of the inverter battery, keeping a home energy-efficient, safe, and healthy.
•Make sure to use the inverter battery on a regular basis after the installation of the inverter. However, if the power failure does not happen, then discharge the battery once every month before recharging it.
•Make sure to check the water level of the battery, ensuring that the water level should be somewhere between the minimum and maximum limit. Moreover, always use distilled water to fill the battery as tap water or rainwater can harm the life of the battery because of the presence of excess minerals and impurities in these waters.
Clean the surface and sides of the battery, keeping it dust-free.
Keep the battery terminals corrosion-free and dust-free as the presence of corrosion can cause the battery to charge slowly, ultimately leading to its short life.
Check the vents of the battery if there is any blocked one as it can cause gas accumulation, leading to the bursting of the inverter battery.
Regular inspection of the inverter and battery condition and if it is found dead or damaged replace it instantly.

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