Here's How You Can Properly Maintain Your Two Wheeler Battery

Maintain Your Two Wheeler Battery

Here's How You Can Properly Maintain Your Two Wheeler Battery

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  • Sept 04, 2022

A well-maintained and well-managed battery is a crucial component in maximizing your bike's potential. The lifespan of a good battery is almost as long as that of the bike, and it can greatly enhance your driving experience. Batteries produced by Tesla Power USA have been greatly effective in helping our customers get an ambient driving experience. It’s crucial to be knowledgeable about motorcycle maintenance before you head out and get one. Here are five recommendations for maintaining motorcycle batteries that will increase their lifespan:

1. Check to see if the terminals are spotless: Your battery's electrolyte has the potential to seep out and contaminate the terminals. Your terminal's surface layer may rust as a result of the filth, and poor connection may result in igniting problems. A layer of rust that is formed by the corrosive electrolyte might reduce the battery's overall conductivity. If this occurs, the starter motor's ability to receive enough power from your battery to start your bike may not be possible. Cleaner terminals guarantee that you won't need to borrow a new battery to update your current one. However, in case you need a new battery, head into the nearest Tesla Power Shop and let us take care of your vehicle battery.

2. Verify the Tightness of the Connectors: There is a risk of sparking if there is a poor connection between the battery connections. Since sparking causes a rapid discharge of the battery's stored energy, it severely shortens the battery's lifespan. So, to lessen the likelihood of sparking, take a spanner or screwdriver and compress the battery's connection nuts. Make sure to oil your electrical connections after each servicing to prevent rust from being caused by any outside pollutants.

3. Consistently check the power fuse: A cell fuse is a straightforward, low-cost device that can prevent severe and long-lasting damage to your cell. Don't cut corners on connections, and be sure to have the battery circuit tested frequently at each servicing. Even if an old fuse is still functional, you should make a practice to replace it.

4. Consistently Top Off Your Battery: Every two weeks, you should monitor the water level to ensure sure it hasn't dropped. Water levels should be filled between the upper and lower limits points shown on the battery's side. If you are not sure how to get this done, please get in touch with us at your nearest Tesla Power Shop. A battery should only be filled with purified water, therefore use caution when doing so. By damaging the electrolyte permanently and irreversibly, utilizing tap liquid containing any form of impurity can be very harmful to your batteries.

5. Inspect your Battery frequently for Leakage: It is the most important and basic repair advice for bike batteries. Leaks in the battery might occur if it sustains mechanical damage or if it was not installed correctly. The spill may manifest as a solution escaping from the cell or as distilled water running from the connections. Any form of discharge is unusual and over time might harm the batteries in your bike. As soon as you discover any discharge, make absolutely sure to have your batteries repaired. At Tesla Power Shop, you can get your bike battery checked and serviced if it is within the warranty period or also you may arrange a service call at your doorstep for the same.

Your bicycle may suffer corrosion or paint deterioration caused by wind, rainfall, and even sunlight. Maintaining rodent traps in your basement will prevent the mice from gnawing on any of the wirings. Your motorcycle battery will last a long time if all the suggestions are followed.

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