Hornet 160R Battery Signs for Replacement

Hornet 160R Battery

Common Signs That Its Time to Replace Your Hornet 160R Battery

hornet 160r battery
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  • Mar 25, 2024

A motorcycle battery has 2 major roles one is to self-start the motorcycle engine and the other is to supply power to the electrical components. Starting a motorbike like the Hornet 160R becomes worse in lack of good battery health. A bike having problems with the battery leads to the difficulty in bike starting and powering the essential elements. This is an even worse scenario when a rider doesn’t get the warning about the deading of the battery and they get stuck in the middle journey. Diagnosing and resolving the Hornet 160R battery issue is a difficult time when users don’t know about the warning of an outdated battery. However, a small issue with batteries is always an indication that a battery requires maintenance or replacement.

Exploring the article will describe some signs and indications that hamper the bike battery efficiency and eventually need replacement.

Common Signs of Bad Battery Health

1. Taking a Longer Time to Start
If Hornet 160R is taking longer time to start than it used to, this could be a serious indication that the battery is losing its power and ability to hold a charge. In this scenario, a battery can’t keep the charge for a long time, resulting in a starting problem. If the bike fails to self-start the engine, it is time to take serious action against the battery and visit for a battery replacement. However, the signs can also be influenced by several other factors like a bad connection or a faulty charging system.

2. Decreasing Horn Volume & Light
If you are experiencing receding horn volume and dimming light than usual in the Hornet 160 R, it could be a sign of a battery problem. This indicates that the battery is not sufficient enough to power the electrical components due to the decreased ability to hold a charge for a longer duration. The problem usually arises due to the built-up sulfation in the battery means lead sulfate crystals impede the flow of electrons and lead to complete battery failure.

3. Battery is Leaking Acid
Usually, motorbike batteries are tightly sealed after filling with lead acid. The lead-acid-filled batteries are responsible for holding a charge and supplying it to the electrical components. However, the market has different types of bike batteries. During the physical inspection of batteries, if you notice any leakage then it's probably time to replace the battery. Leaking of acid in the battery arises due to the breakdown of internal battery plates. This decreases the battery's ability to hold charge and leads to battery failure. Furthermore, the battery can also lose its ability if the battery becomes too old. It is said that lead acid batteries usually have a lifespan of up to 5 years.


A battery is responsible for enabling the engine to show its full potential and enhance the overall performance of a vehicle. Battery degrading is a slow and natural process but if it is more than usual then it could be a leading reason for battery problems. However, the problem with batteries is influenced by many factors some of which are highlighted below. To overcome all these situations, one should replace the battery as soon as possible. So, if you are looking for the right battery for Hornet 160 R then must choose Tesla Power USA batteries as these batteries are highly efficient in delivering power and performance to the vehicle. The Tesla batteries are engineered for optimized performance and longer lifespan.

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