How Can You Keep Your Inverter From Overheating?

How to Keep Your Inverter From Overheating?

How Can You Keep Your Inverter From Overheating?

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  • Aug 17, 2022

When you turn on your home's inverter, does the battery seem to get hotter than usual? Even though it's normal for electronics to get hot while they're working, overheating can sometimes send customers running for cover. While it's normal to notice a slight temperature rise, especially when operating an inverter, take care to prevent the temperature from rising to dangerous levels.

In this discussion, we'll go over a few simple strategies for preventing the inverter's batteries from overheating, as well as some do-it-yourself solutions.

What should you watch out for?
1. Dust, broken fans, and clogged air ducts are common culprits in inefficient thermal management, which can cause equipment failure and a halt in output. To keep the inverter in working order, it is recommended to perform some basic maintenance on it, such as dusting, repairing the fan, and sanitizing the air duct. If an inverter is experiencing overheating, you need not worry unduly.

2. One important fact to keep in mind is that, much like the overheating protection in a laptop computer, an inverter can use a sensor to detect the internal temperature. If the inverter's internal temperature rises above the threshold value, an alarm will sound to warn the user. Simultaneously, the inverter's control panel will show the OH fault code for overheating. It's important to first ensure that the fan is functioning normally. While the inverter is functioning, the fan is turning.

3. Verify that the cooling system's airflow is unimpeded at key points: the air inlet and the air exhaust.

4. Inspect the ambient temperature third. The ideal ambient temperature is less than 40 degrees Celsius. If the above three steps don't solve the thermal runaway problem, you'll need the help of a technical engineer.

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