How To Consider The Right Inverter Battery For Your Home And Office?

How To Consider The Right Inverter Battery For Your Home And Office?

How To Consider The Right Inverter Battery For Your Home And Office?
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  • Apr 20, 2021

Power plays an immense role in today’s era. Those days are gone when people could survive without electricity. When the inverter was first introduced in the market, people used to feel delighted while seeing a fan and a light working during power cuts. Over the years, our expectations towards the performance and capabilities of inverters and batteries have increased tremendously, which leads us to demand more power backup solutions. Therefore, if you want to replace or upgrade your inverter, you must understand that a battery plays a crucial role in maintaining the power capacity of an inverter. The key features of a right inverter suitable to your home must be considered as every home has different power requirements. So, you need to do research and understand the basics before buying an inverter battery.

Take a look at the guide shown below and understand the basics of choosing the right battery for your inverter.

Consider Power Requirements

The performance of an inverter largely depends upon the battery quality. You need to analyze which appliance or gadget you want to run with the inverter during power cuts. Take your home’s power needs into consideration to determine the suitable power requirements. You must ensure the battery capability that can run all the necessary equipment. The battery capability determines the energy backup hours of the inverter that is generally known as Ah (Ampere Hours).

You cannot decide the Battery Voltage (BV) for the inverter as it is done by the inverter itself (12V or 24V). However, you can select the Ampere Hour Capacity (Ah) provided how much backup you want. Let’s clear it out with an example.

Suppose you want to run 4 ceiling fans, 2 tube lights, 3 LED lights, and 1 television for 3 hours during power failure. And the power consumption for each fan, each tube light, each CFL, and each television is 70 Watts, 60 Watts, 25 Watts, and 120 Watts respectively i.e. the overall wattage of all the equipment you want to run is 545W. However, the battery voltage is taken as usual 12V.

Battery capability = Power requirement (in watts) x Back-up hours (in hrs)/ Battery Voltage (in volts)
Battery Capability = (545 x 3) / 12 = 136 Ah

Therefore a battery with a capability of 135 Ah will be suitable for your home.

By doing this simple calculation before buying an inverter battery, you can save yourself from being misled.

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