Know How You Can Extend Battery Life Of Electric Vehicles

Extend Battery Life Of Electric Vehicles

Know How You Can Extend Battery Life Of Electric Vehicles

Know How You Can Extend Battery Life Of Electric Vehicles
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  • Apr 04, 2022

Many prospective or existing electric car buyers appear to have doubts about their vehicles' battery performance. Their Familiarity with small commercial products and older rechargeable batteries indicates that the cells in EVs will not last much, making the car unprofitable in the long run which discourages people to purchase or switch to electric vehicles.

With the introduction of modern EV battery methodologies that are designed to increase the battery pack's longevity the battery life of your vehicle can be renewed for up to 10 years.

Let's look at how you may prolong the battery power of your electric vehicle.

1. If possible, avoid fully recharging your vehicle
One of several reasons that cells barely last a handful of years is that they have been constantly recharged and discharged to their total potential. The battery operating time, not the battery duration, is marketed on electronic goods. Charge to full potential may allow you to get the most out of a single battery charge, but this should not be done in the case of Li-On batteries. Another benefit of not fully charging is that it enables you to produce power via electric engines.

2. Deep draining your rechargeable battery is not a good idea
Instead of an overcurrent, half rotation is suitable for lithium-ion batteries. There is no risk in using a partial discharge because lithium-ion technologies will not have high capacitance. You will not lead to your car getting damaged and also arrive at your location with plenty of distance if you think ahead.

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3. Park as per the season
Many electric cars offer heat transfer, which keeps the charges cool using air or fluid, but it is expensive. If you leave your vehicle in a heated concrete parking lot on a scorching day, the thermal control technology may run continuously to keep the cell temperature under control and can cost a lot. You can influence this by reducing the thermal influence in the first place by parking somewhere colder.

Similarly in winter, try to park in your garage rather than outside in the streets, where the temperature is cold.

4. Make preparations for a long storage time
If you want to maintain Lithium cells for a substantial amount of time, they should be left at a medium power supply. Whereas Tesla Power USA batteries feature a "storage option," most electric batteries do not. Use the separate storage mode on your plug-in car if it has one.

5. Reduce the use of DC rapid charging to extend battery performance
DC quick-charging is a better method to save and maintain your battery life. Although rapid charging is convenient, it is detrimental to the cells. But if you have a pressing need for fast charging (for example, at a rest stop on a lengthy trip), it is recommended that you charge more frequently with lower (AC) adapters.

Rapid charging may charge you roughly 1% of your capability per year if you use it frequently. When you stop fast charging of your vehicle's battery it can save you more than 75% of energy after ten years. If you use rapid charge frequently as your principal fuelling technique then you may lose more than 70% of energy after some years. We make batteries suitable for this purpose and you can rely on us for high performing Li-ion batteries.

These suggestions can help increase the battery life of your electric vehicle

Contemporary plug-in automobiles allow you to charge and drive however you want, but you may notice speeded-up decay during your possession. After Adopting a few behavioral modifications you'll get better usage out of your rechargeable battery in the long run, as well as high sales price when it's time for an upgrade.

If you wish to know more about a car battery online, you can contact us at Tesla Power USA with any query you may have.

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