Increase The Efficiency Of Inverter Battery With Simple Tips

Increase The Efficiency Of Inverter Battery

13 September 2021

Increase The Efficiency Of Inverter Battery With Simple Tips

The scarcity of resources on a global level has triggered increased dependency on different power sources. Consequently, inverters have become an integral part of our lives as they function as saviors in times of constant power failures, keeping the show running by powering electronic devices. The performance of the inverters, however, largely depends on their battery quality. It is the battery that plays a huge role in extending the life of your inverter.

Let us look at a few useful tips to increase the efficiency of your inverter battery and the backup also–

• Inverters supply power derived from the energy stored in batteries. During a power failure, the number of devices directly connected to the inverter is equal to the amount of electricity drawn from it. Remember, the higher the load of power consumption, the shorter the battery life. Distribute loads intelligently according to your needs.

• The performance of a battery is usually prevented by rust or corrosion. This corrosion even weakens the current to and from the battery. It may cause the battery to get slowly charged, which ultimately makes the battery life short, gradually affecting the backup capacity of the inverter.

• Cleaning corroded connectors are essential as it may also affect the efficiency of the inverter battery. To clean the corroded connectors, simply scrub them with an old toothbrush or baking soda. Once the terminals get cleaned, coat them with petroleum jelly to prevent the battery from future corrosion.

• For proper utilization of the inverter battery, it is important to charge it correctly on a regular basis. If the electricity has not been cut off for a long time, completely discharge the battery once a month and then charge it again.

• Check the water level in the battery every two months. If the water is found lower than required, top up the battery with distilled water only. Filling the battery with tap water or rainwater can negatively affect the battery as it contains impurities.

• There is a wave of energy-efficient brands in the market that claim that the energy consumption of their appliances has dropped significantly. Choose good brands to make the most of these green promises. Items including CFL bulbs, LED lighting, power-saving gadgets, etc., are ideal for inverters, as they have high efficiency and low power consumption.

• Replace used inverter batteries only with quality products. Choose batteries with long life, accurate charging capacity, and more. Cheap and low-quality batteries do not provide sufficient long-term support. Sealed or maintenance-free batteries are best suited as they do not leak electrolytes.

For reliable and high-quality batteries, please visit the nearest Tesla Power Shop, launched by Tesla Power USA and choose the most suited battery type as per your load requirement.

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