Inverter Batteries TP1500JTXX
Inverter Battery TP1500JTXX
Battery Specification
  • Capacity @ C20 Rate


  • Warranty

    54* Months

  • Dimensions

    525(L) X 267(B) X 260(H) mm

  • Charging Current (in Amps)



- Uninterrupted power flow
- 2x Battery Backup
- Ability to recover from deep discharge.
- Require lesser charging frequency.
- Longest warranty in the market


In India, power cuts and irregularities in power distribution are a common thing. The situation becomes worse during summer, causing much discomfort. Tesla Power inverter batteries resolve the issues, as they present you with an inverter battery range known for their long-lasting nature and impeccable performance under any circumstances. With up to 90 Month of warranty our battery stands the best in India as the most affordable battery with maximum warranty and FREE Battery health check on site*. Tesla power provides you low maintenance, environment-friendly inverter batteries which can withstand frequent discharge and also fit in your budget.

Inverter Batteries

Tesla Power inverter batteries have been powering the nation every day with the longest power backup. As a leading brand fueled by its empowering spirit of innovation and driven best-in-class technology, today, Tesla Power India Pvt. Ltd. takes pride in being the fastest-growing battery in India

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