What Should we do if the inverter battery drains?

Why Inverter Battery Drains

What Should be done if Inverter Battery Drains

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  • Mar, 2023

When there is a power outage in a house or workplace, inverter batteries are commonly utilized to power various electrical appliances. Inverters are meant to retain the same degree of comfort during a power loss by providing an uninterrupted electrical connection. Nevertheless, if an inverter battery is utilized incorrectly or is not properly maintained, it might lose power, resulting in battery drain.

One of the most common causes of battery drain is just keeping the inverter on without using it for long periods of time. Inverter battery drain is the most typical problem nowadays since energy demand is always high because of high load devices.

It is also critical to check the charge of an inverter battery on a regular basis to ensure it is not rapidly draining while in storage. Batteries that drain quickly in storage might be the result of an incorrect charging schedule or an inverter fault.

These are some steps you can take to check your inverter:

  1. Check the water level first. 
  2. Look on the rear panel for a switch. Check to see if the charging switch is set to high. 
  3. Attach the main power supply. 
  4. Check the voltage using a multimeter while it is charging.
  5. Continue charging for 14–16 hours. Then turn off the power and check the voltage again. 
  6. Turn on the inverter without turning on the power.
  7. Turn on various appliances (fans, lights, etc.) and double-check the voltage.


This is a tried-and-true solution. If it doesn't work, take it to a battery store and ask them to boost-charge it.

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