Is the Inverter Battery Getting Hot? Know the Reason

Is the Inverter Battery Getting Hot?

20 October 2021

Is the Inverter Battery Getting Hot? Know the Reason

If your inverter battery is getting overheated;
Alert! As it is a clear sign that the life expectancy and performance of the battery can be depleted, resulting in blast in extreme cases. However, inverters get hot due to their regular operations, which is normal. Worry when the inverter gets extremely hot as it indicates that there is a problem with the inverter or the battery.

The inverter battery can be hot due to one or more of the following reasons:

Selection of the wrong switch in inverter: There is a battery selection switch on the backside of an inverter, which is generally used to set the type of battery being connected with the inverter. However, if a wrong selection in this switch is made, there can be an overheating problem.

Wrong selection of charging current jumper: The charging current jumper option is also available on the backside of the inverter, which should be selected according to the battery capacity. If your inverter has a charging current jumper option, make sure it is correctly configured to prevent the inverter battery from getting hot.

Battery Capacity Charging Current Jumper Selection
80Ah -100Ah L
120Ah - 150Ah M
165Ah – 225Ah H

Failure of inverter: If the charging voltage of the inverter is going beyond the upper charging limit, there is a possibility of inverter failure. This failure might be causing overheating in the battery.

Inverter battery problems: Various other factors are responsible for overheating an inverter battery. Short circuits, loose internal connections, etc., are some of the external factors responsible for the same. Moreover, if there are frequent power failures in your region, due to which your battery remains undercharged, it will get sulfated, and cause overheating. Besides, incorrect electrolytes level can also be another reason responsible for getting the inverter battery hot.

Hence, you first need to figure out the cause of getting the inverter battery overheated. Get the best long-lasting inverter batteries for your home backup requirements from Tesla Power USA. Pick the best battery from your nearest Tesla Power Shop in your town and shop at your comfort.

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