Things to Look for in the Activa 5G Battery for Safety

Activa 5G Battery Risk

Is Your Activa 5G Battery Putting Your Safety at Risk?

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  • Apr 11, 2024

Without a doubt, Honda Activa 5G is the country’s most reliable and affordable scooter. Since its launching date, it has been one of the best-selling scooters and made especially for those who want to experience a reliable and comfortable ride. Whether you want to use it for a travel destination or your daily commute, Honda Activa 5G is efficient in sustaining a good performance in any driving condition. 

Almost every person demands safety first before purchasing any vehicle. No doubt, the manufacturer of the Activa 5G scooter ensures the best safety for the users but the scooter battery is one of the biggest concerns of safety. As batteries are made up of different chemical compounds, exposing them can put the user's safety at risk.

So, to mitigate the potential problem of battery which may put you at risk we’ve curated a detailed guide which will highlight the Activa 5G battery problem that can be hazardous for the users.

Activa 5G Battery Problems


Batteries of Honda Activa 5G are lithium-ion batteries and these types of batteries have a preset maximum and minimum capability of handling pressure. As the battery experiences pressure beyond its capability, it can stop working or turn on fire. Installing aftermarket accessories can increase pressure in the battery and result in battery failure. So, if you want to avoid the risk of fires in the battery, use the scooter only till the optimum level.


Overheating is one of the biggest concerns of almost all the riders. Over time, they experienced heating in the scooter battery while charging. If your scooter battery is also overheating, then it is more likely that your safety is at risk. Prolong overheating of the battery can also lead to battery damage or battery explosion. So, if you are experiencing battery heating, be sure to consult the battery professional before riding your scooter.

Battery Failure

There are lots of activities that contribute to battery failure such as poor design, manufacturing defects, and physical, mechanical, or electrical defects. These types of defects have the potential to bring your battery into the explosion phase. So, using the best quality battery is mandatory for a safe riding experience.

Tips to Use Activa 5G Battery Safely

Follow Manufacturer Guidelines: To ensure the best safety of Honda Activa 5G always follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for charging, storing, and maintaining your scooter battery.

Regular Inspection: Regular inspection can keep the battery away from any defect that can later cause potential accidents. Always check the battery terminals and visible damage.

Avoid Riding in Extreme Conditions: To keep your scooter safe from battery failure or damage, make sure to keep the vehicle battery away from extreme temperatures.


The batteries of electric scooters are designed to withstand safety and minimise any potential risk. But it is also your responsibility to care for and maintain your scooter battery. Follow the manufacturer's guidelines and best practices to enjoy a safe riding experience. For additional safety, you can choose Tesla Power USA batteries which offer reliable and affordable battery solutions for all segments of vehicle owners.

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