Steps to Jumpstart a Car Battery

Jumpstart a Car Battery

How to Jumpstart a Car Battery ?

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  • Apr 27, 2024

It is almost a bad time for everyone when you wake and notice that your car battery is completely dead and doesn’t have sufficient charge to even ignite the engine. The case may also happen with anyone and even somewhere in the middle of the journey. So, what to do if a battery doesn’t possess sufficient charge to start the engine? 

Well, Jumpstarting is the only solution in your hand where you will be addressing another vehicle owner's consent to jumpstart your car safely. Yes, jumpstarting a car is a critical task for everyone who doesn’t have a detailed guide to jumpstarting a car safely or doesn’t know what is jumpstarting. However, it is not recommended to jumpstart your car more frequently as it may also damage the battery's overall health or damage the battery. 

Here the interesting thing is if your car is following with jumpstart again and again then you should look for the battery change rather than depending on the jumpstarting every time. This indicates that your car battery has almost zero potential to hold or deliver chargers for a longer time. But there may be a solution for the unexpected shutdown of vehicles.

So, for your convenience, we’ve highlighted a detailed guide on how to jump-start a car safely with all the necessary steps that need to be considered.

Steps to Jump Start a Car Safely

  • The first and crucial step before jumpstarting a car is to get both the car ready for jumpstarting. Keep both the vehicle in the neutral state and pop up the battery hood to connect the wire.
  • Jumpstarting a car requires a jumper cable so, if you have a jumper cable in your vehicle then it’s fine but if not arrange a jumper cable first because without a jumper cable jumpstarting a car is almost not possible.
  • Now, connect the red clip of the jumper cable to the positive terminal of a dead battery and another red clip to the positive terminal of the functioning vehicle.
  • The same applies to the negative clip ie, Attach a black clip of the jumper cable with the negative terminal of a dead battery and another black cable with the terminal of a functioning vehicle.
  • Now, start the functioning vehicle and leave it for a few minutes. Now, prepare the dead vehicle for starting and if it is successfully started leave the car on for a minimum of 10 minutes. This will help the battery to gain some extra charge and store it in the battery.
  • Now, remove the jumping cables in the reverse direction ie, first black then after the red wire.
  • Now, your car is ready to start but make sure to take it to the service technician to inspect any further problems.


The above-highlighted steps are handy techniques to easily jump-start your vehicle. In most cases, jump-starting a car is avoided as it may damage the battery's overall health.  So, to deal with these situations effectively feed your vehicle a new and powerful battery. Choose Tesla Power USA batteries that offer cutting-edge technology in the battery to enhance the overall performance of the battery as well maximising their average lifespan.

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