How to Jump Start a Dead Honda CB-150 Battery?

Jumpstart Honda CB-150 Battery

A Beginner Guide to Jump Starting a Dead Honda CB-150 Battery

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  • Apr 15, 2024

Have you ever faced constant cranking or dreaded clicking when you hit the self-start of your bike and you realise that the battery power is no longer to power the self-start motor of the bike? It can happen anywhere, even starting from home or somewhere in the middle of the journey. 

Experiencing these types of failures is one of the worst scenarios for all the bike riders who always dream of the destination. However, there are lots of possible causes that lead to jump-starting a dead Honda CB-150 bike. Some possible reasons are battery age, bad weather, extreme temperature, fault in the battery, poor connection, battery age, and much more. 

These types of problems must be inspected and treated early to prevent battery problems but what if you are somewhere out of the city and your bike is suffering from a starting issue? No worries, Jumpstarting a dead battery is the best advice one can give you in no-start condition. 

So, exploring the article will detail you on jump starting a dead Honda CB-150 battery. Following the guide will help you in quick and easy fixing of a dead Honda CB-150 battery.

Steps to Jump Start a Dead Honda CB-150 Battery

  • Collect Necessary Tools

To effectively deal with battery failure, it is important to have the right tools in your hand. You should carry tools like safety gloves, safety goggles, jumper cables, and some gauges. These tools are pivotal in jumpstarting a bike battery. 

  • Align Both Vehicles

As jumpstart refers to the functioning of  2 vehicles, the functioning vehicle as well as the dead vehicle must be aligned in the position. While aligning the vehicle make sure to leave a sufficient gap between the vehicle to avoid any electrical failure. 

  • Connect the Cables

After aligning the vehicle connect the jumper cables carefully to the positive and negative terminals of the battery to avoid any further shocks or damage.

  • Start Functioning Vehicle

Once the jumper cable is attached to the right terminal, start the vehicle(Functioning vehicle) which is supposed to give power to the dead vehicle and leave it for a few minutes. The process will help the dead battery acquire some charge.

  • Start Dead Vehicle

Try starting the vehicle and if the vehicle starts successfully, let the vehicle charge for more minutes to avoid any sudden failure.

Note: Don’t forget to disconnect the jumper cable when the vehicle gets started successfully. Let the bike only move without the jumper cable to avoid any electrical failure.


If you are a ride enthusiast and desire to free your bike from several battery problems or failures, make sure to have a routine check for your motorcycle. Proper maintenance and care of the bike ensures the best performance and longevity of the vehicle. 

If you are searching for a permanent solution to battery failure, make sure to choose Tesla Power USA batteries. The batteries manufactured by Tesla offer optimal performance along with longevity.

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