Keep an Eye on Your Two-wheeler Batteries

Keep an Eye on Your Two-wheeler Batteries

Keep an Eye on Your Two-wheeler Batteries
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  • Sep 15, 2021

Are you struggling with starting your two-wheeler?
Is the horn not working properly?
Is the headlight getting dim?

Well, these are some suggestive signs indicating that the battery of your vehicle is not in proper condition and requires maintenance.

A Battery for a two-wheeler is the life source element that puts the vehicle in starting mode and provides optimum energy to other parts of the vehicle. Since a battery keeps your two-wheeler in proper condition, it is absolutely necessary to keep the battery’s health to its best so that it doesn’t hamper the working condition of the vehicle.

Let us discuss some useful tips that help to improve the battery life of a two-wheeler:

Inspecting the vehicle:
It is necessary to do a proper inspection of your two-wheeler visually every two or three months. However, if you feel like you may forget to do so because of other workloads, it is better to set reminders for the same. Basically, the visual inspection is done to look for any loose or broken terminals, as it could lead to dangerous short circuits. Apart from looking for any defects internally, make sure to check the external parts also to find any unsafe crack, leakage, etc., as it can be a warning sign for you to replace the battery as soon as possible.

Refill the battery at regular intervals:
If you have a regular traditional two-wheeler battery, it is important to refill the battery with distilled water. The electrolyte level of a battery should be maintained within the upper and lower limit marked on the container of regular lead-acid batteries. Also, make sure to refill the battery with distilled water and not with tap water or rainwater, as it contains impurities that may hamper the performance and life of the battery.

Wipe the terminals:
The battery terminals should be cleaned properly because when the battery gets surrounded with corrosion and rust, it creates problems for the two-wheeler to get started, diminishing the working life of the battery. Therefore, it is necessary to clean the terminals as and when necessary.

Charging periodically:
A two-wheeler battery should be charged periodically, even if it is not in use. Discharging a battery in an idle state can be harmful to the battery in the long run. Therefore, make sure to charge the battery every month even if it is in an idle state for a long time.

Keep the battery dust-free:
A battery gets accumulated with tiny dust particles and small pollutants over a period, which enters the cells, ultimately preventing the battery from giving a satisfactory performance. Therefore, it is important to clean the dust particles over the battery using a brush and battery cleaner, or you can wipe the battery with a wet cloth, tightening the vent caps.

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