Keep these things in mind for a Summer Road Trip

Keep these things in mind for a Summer Road Trip

Keep these things in mind for a Summer Road Trip
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  • Mar 10, 2022

Summer holidays are almost here, and with summer term coming to an end soon, a road trip is generally compatible with summer breaks. Everyone enjoys a nice road trip since it allows you to discover new roads and places at your own speed and allows you to customise the itinerary by adding or removing enroute attractions, which you cannot do with public or shared transportation.

While road trips are enjoyable, the possibility of a malfunction always exists, so it's important to be prepared. Here are a few pointers to take into account before heading out.

1. Get your vehicle checked
You may adhere to your auto service schedule religiously, but it never hurts to have your vehicle inspected before embarking on a long trip. Last-minute mechanical inspections help you detect any problems with your vehicle and give you enough time to rectify them before embarking on the journey. If your automobile has recently been serviced, a simple lubricating oil, pedal oil, and coolant pump check at home will serve. Check the battery terminals and cables for any contaminants and lubricate accordingly.

Regular maintenance of an automotive vehicle can help increase its worth by keeping all the vehicle's parts, including its battery, in running condition, thereby providing a pleasant experience for a more extended period.

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2. Always check all your tires
Make sure your car's tires are properly filled, as well as the spare tire. We often neglect to maintain the spare tire, only to be alerted when a puncture occurs. If your car has pneumatic tyres, you don't have to be concerned, but as a precaution, you should carry a tyre burst replacement part, which is a lifesaver in terrains where obtaining a mechanic is difficult. An inflated tyre compressor is also a fantastic investment because it saves you time and effort. Make sure your car has comprehensive tyre changing equipment, which contains a jack, a wrench for unlocking the tire, and a handle for rotating the jack.

3. Keep a map handy at all times
In today's technological world, all you need is a smartphone and Google earth to go from one end of the planet to another. Yes, most of us rely on Google earth to find numerous travel possibilities, so it is our saviour in unfamiliar territory. Given that we reside in India, where regions of no internet connections still exist, it is essential to upload Google maps to your smartphone if you ever find yourself in an area without cellular coverage. We've all felt the stress of not understanding where to go when we can't find access on our maps, therefore it's important to prepare and download the local maps; purchasing a map is another option.

4. Make sure your wiper blades are functional
It may seem insignificant, but changing your car windshield wipers every three seasons is recommended. A clean, smooth wiper blade makes a huge difference in the appearance of your windshield. If you've recently replaced your wiper blades, clean those with an antiseptics to eliminate any debris; if the padding on the windscreen wipers is opened or tough, it's best to replace them because using compromised windshield wipers will result in scuffs on the visor, obstructing your vision, especially at night. We recommend cleaning the blades with a sanitizer because it includes a bit of alcohol that helps remove oily buildup that can scratch the windshield.

5. Check out the weather forecast for that neighbourhood for the coming week
Make sure you have the most up-to-date weather information for the destination you're visiting for the entire weekend. This will assist you in packing appropriately and being equipped for what environment has to give. There are several apps on the net that provide weather reports, as well as a number of phone apps that do the same, but they're quite effective at providing weather data.

6. Make a reservation for your lodging ahead of time
Unless you're camping or okay with staying in your car, you can't reserve your accommodation in advance because it's vacation time. If you've made a reservation online, phone the hotel to confirm. This way, you will not have to face any confusion once you arrive at the hotel.

Have fun on your summer trip and do not forget the sunscreen!

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