Know Why The Price of Automotive Batteries Differs with Battery Type

Why The Price of Automotive Batteries Differs with Battery Type

Know Why The Price of Automotive Batteries Differs with Battery Type

Know Why The Price of Automotive Batteries Differs with Battery Type
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  • Sep 06, 2021

Do you know that the car battery price varies depending on your vehicle model? Did you ever think why?

And one thing, do you know many factors affect the car battery cost, fit in your particular vehicle?

A battery is a vital component in the vehicle sold by different manufacturers in the market, just like any other spare part is present in your household devices or electronic equipment. So, let us go further by discussing the essential components contributing to car battery prices.

In India, you see diversity not only in the market but also in products as well. There are several cars available in the Indian market with numerous features. From affordable prices to premium luxury cars, you can get everything here. All these cars come in different sizes and sitting capacities alongside the variation in engine capacity and power requirements. Remember, the bigger the engine of a car, the more powerful the car will be. It enables you to get a battery of higher capacity, which may cost more than that of the lower capacity variants. Therefore, it is quite agreeable that the power generated by the car battery is directly proportional to its size. Also, to generate more power, you need more active materials and components. And when the proportion of material used in the making of the battery goes up and down, it affects the cost of making the battery and the final price when the battery is introduced to the market.

Types of Battery Standards
One of the most important elements that make a huge impact on car battery prices is the International Standards. There are mainly two types of Battery Standards used in cars:
1. European Standard (DIN)
2. Japanese International Standard (JIS).

Battery with the specification laid down according to the European Standards tends to be costlier than that of Japanese Standards even if the capacity of both the batteries is sometimes the same.

Importance of the technology used in the battery
There are various technologies like lead-acid batteries, Valve Regulated Lead Acid Batteries, Gel Batteries, Lithium-Ion Batteries etc., in car batteries. Each type of these batteries is built adopting a different technology and process. In addition, the charging system also plays an important role, directly affecting the car battery price.

Warranty and other features affecting battery prices
Have you ever noticed that sometimes, when you buy a battery it looks exactly the same as you already have, but is still priced more than the other similar-looking product? The reason behind this is the warranties associated with the batteries. The warranties of the two similar products you are looking at sometimes come with a different life span. The higher warranty will no doubt cost more but it also comes with more battery life.

It is not necessary that if the battery cost is higher, it will be the best one in the market. However, it all depends on what has been listed above. So, when you go to buy car batteries, make the selection based on the above-mentioned points. To get the best quality battery for your car at an affordable price, go with the Tesla Power USA brand, the leading brand in manufacturing car batteries.

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