Navigating the Battery Challenges and Solutions of Mahindra Duro

Troubleshooting Mahindra Duro Battery

Common Battery Problems and Solutions of Mahindra Duro

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  • Feb 11, 2024

A battery is responsible for powering all the essential electric components of vehicles but what if a battery dies? Dying of battery is a complete shutdown of Mahindra Duro and to bring it back in power, it requires a good and powerful battery. As per the user reviews on the Mahindra Duro, most of the audience addressed the battery quality problems of the scooter. 

Changing a vehicle because of a defective battery is not comfortable for everyone. So, what users can do to eliminate battery problems if they have a Mahindra Duro or those who are expecting it?

We’ll delve into the common battery problems of Mahindra Duro and of course solutions too.

Common Battery Problems of Mahindra Duro

Difficulty in Self-starting

Of course, if the scooter battery is not charged enough then it can’t power the self-start. Users have to manually kick the pedal to start the scooter. Imagine sticking in traffic and suddenly a scooter goes off. Isn’t annoying, so, to eliminate these types of problems Tesla Power USA is delivering high-quality batteries to give enough power to the scooter to meet the daily requirements of riders.

Quick Battery Degradation

Battery degradation is a slow process but if the battery drains quickly even in a fully charged battery, then it is a serious case. Passing rough terrain, and frequent short rides are among the examples that lead to battery degradation. Because of the quick degradation of the battery, Duro owners feel somewhere lacking in the power and performance of the vehicles.

Battery Overheating

The battery provided with the Mahindra Duro is not a dry cell, leading to the cause of battery heating. Battery heating is a serious cause that affects the overall health of the battery.

Battery Solutions of Mahindra Duro

  • Keep the Battery up to the Charging Level

To avoid battery failure, it is always recommended by the manufacturers to keep the battery at an idle charging level. A battery should be frequently charged if it is off-road for a long time.

  • Avoid Climate Exposure

Direct exposure to the sun, cold, and rain heavily impacts the overall health of the battery and leads to quick battery degradation. Maintaining idle battery temperature is very necessary to minimise battery degradation. Always park the scooter in the shadow and in colder temperatures park in the garage.

  • Avoid Prolonged charging

Plugging the charger for a long time even when the battery gets fully charged affects the battery potential of Mahindra Duro. It is recommended to plug out the charger when the battery is fully charged.

If the same battery problems continue in the Mahindra Duro, it’s time to go for a battery replacement. Choose the best battery of Tesla Power USA to avoid critical battery problems in scooters. Tesla Power USA is best known for its high-quality and performance-packed battery.


Battery problems in Mahindra Duro affect the everyday expectations of owners. Including a good battery is a reliable solution to eliminating everyday battery problems. The question is, who is delivering the best battery to eliminate all these problems? Tesla Power USA is providing an updated battery version full of power and performance.

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