Explore the Guide to Maximise Car Battery’s Life

Maximise Car Battery Life

How to Maintain and Maximise Your Car Battery's Life?

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  • June 17, 2024

Proper battery care and maintenance always ensure the best battery life. Batteries are vital for automobiles as they help ignite the engine and supply power to electrical components like the horns, lights, infotainment, etc. A good car battery's life has the potential to enhance the car's performance and eliminate the risk of unexpected battery failure, igniting problems, dimming of light and horn, etc. It is also said that proper care and maintenance of the car battery is the key to going the extra mile. A battery acts like a loyal companion in your vehicle by eliminating the battery risk. Almost all car batteries are made up of lead acid and have a limited time frame of around 3 to 4 years, depending on the weather, usage, and driving conditions. Sure, a battery reaches its end point sooner or later, but there are also ways to eliminate car battery problems and prevent it from dying early.

Exploring the article will highlight some of the most used tips to increase your car battery life. So, if you are annoyed with the frequent battery dying, follow the whole article.

Tips to Maximise Car’s Battery Life

1. Don’t Leave Your Car Parked For Longer Time

All lead-acid batteries have a property called self-discharge, which indicates that the battery starts to discharge at around 1% daily at room temperature if unused for longer. So, if you plan to park your vehicle for a longer period, charge the battery frequently to maximise the car's battery life. If possible, don’t let the car sit for a longer time,’ as it may also lead to battery degradation.

2. Clean the Battery Terminals

Battery terminals play a crucial role in delivering power to vehicles and ensuring the better life of car batteries. Over time, dust and corrosion accumulate on the terminals, hampering the power supply. So, to get the best charge delivery throughout the vehicles, frequent cleaning of the battery terminals is required. This uncluttered the terminals and offers a longer car battery life. Inspecting the battery wiring and further tightening it if needed is also necessary.

3. Avoid Heat Exposure

Extreme heat, also known as the battery enemy, increases the rate of water evaporation from car battery cells,it eventually decreases the life of the car battery. Prolonged direct exposure to sunlight leads to faster battery degradation and disrupts the battery's ability to deliver and hold a charge for a long time. So, to keep your car battery healthy, it is necessary to park your vehicle away from sunlight while not in use.


By implementing these simple but effective tips, one can extend the car battery life, avoiding the future frustration of battery failure. Remember that the life of a car battery depends on regular maintenance, proper charging practices, and how you ride your vehicle. Moreover, it is necessary to choose the right battery to tackle the risk of battery failure. Choose Tesla Power USA batteries, which include cutting-edge technology to boost the power and performance of the vehicle.

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