How to replace bike batteries- Must have accessories

Must Have Accessories to Replace Bike Battery

3 Must-Have Accessories to Replace Bike Battery

must have accessories to replace bike battery
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  • Mar 09, 2024

A battery is the lifeblood of a bike’s electrical system. A well-maintained battery always has a crucial role in maintaining the performance of the vehicle. But as we know every motorcycle battery is lead-acid batteries and has a limited lifespan of up to 5 years. Lead-acid batteries are tightly sealed after filling the acid which is non-repairable. So, what to do if the battery is dead? Replacing the bike battery is the only solution to bring back the power and performance of the vehicle. Visiting a professional for bike battery replacement can be expensive but if done at home, it can save lots of money. However, replacing a bike battery at home requires good knowledge and necessary accessories.

Delving into the article will explore the detailed guide to accessories that can minimize the hassle of battery replacement.

Necessary Tools to Replace Bike Battery

Gathering of tools is the primary step while replacing a bike battery. Let’s see some of the necessary tools.

Wrenches and Screwdrivers
Wrench and screwdrivers are beneficial in loosening and tightening nuts and bolts. The use of wrenches and screwdrivers ensures the proper fitting of the battery and bolts. So, before doing a bike battery replacement by yourself, make sure to collect the right wrench and screwdriver that fits the vehicle's requirements. This requires in the time of removing the battery from the battery terminals and fitting a new battery.

Battery Terminal cleaner
Corrosion in the battery can greatly reduce the performance of the battery. So, Battery terminal cleaner prevents corrosion in the battery. If you notice any corrosion in the battery, it is a must to clean it using cleaner. It is also recommended to clean the terminals of the battery before fitting a new battery. This secures the battery from corrosion, resulting in increased performance.

Safety Gloves and Glasses
Bike batteries are filled with lead acid which is hazardous for health. So, before going for the battery replacement must wear safety gloves and glasses as it will prevent direct exposure to chemical and electrical mishaps. It should be done on a priority basis and adding these stuffs during battery replacement ensures the best safety of the person who is trying to do so.

Steps For Battery Replacement

The steps to install and connect the two wheeler battery are highlighted below

1. Locate battery: It is recommended to follow the user’s manual for locating the battery. It also depends on the model of the bike, generally, it is located under the seat or behind the side panel.
2. Disconnect the terminal: To prevent any accidental damage and short circuit, disconnect the negative terminal first then go for the positive.
3. Remove the battery: carefully, Lift the old bike battery from the case without damaging the wires.
4. Clean& connect terminal: First clean the battery terminals and then connect the wire to the battery. Ensure the connections are tight and secure.
5. Attach new battery: make sure to rightly fit the battery in its place to prevent vibration or other movement while riding.


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