Myths And Fact Of Automotive Batteries

Myths And Fact Of Automotive Batteries

Myths And Fact Of Automotive Batteries
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  • Jun 04, 2021

Automotive batteries may look pretty simple you just need to plug them in and your vehicle fires up while turning the key. The battery plays an indispensable role for an automotive vehicle to function normally, as it is not only responsible for the ignition power, it is also required for various electrical functionalities in your vehicles like operating power windows, music systems, and more.

With years of experience of being a battery manufacturer, Tesla Power USA, with the help of its prompt Research and Development team designs the high-class latest technological batteries suitable for all types of car models. Find out which battery suits your conveyance from our offerings in the range of tesla four-wheelers batteries.

However, there are numerous myths about automotive vehicle batteries which you should be aware of to ensure a sustainable performance from your automotive battery.

• ‘No Maintenance’ batteries do not need servicing
One of the most common myths about car batteries is that there is a belief that maintenance-free car batteries need no servicing. However, that is not true. Maintenance-free batteries also require a little care, as there is no need to check and top up electrolyte levels frequently, which makes you replace the battery once the old one dies. Therefore, ‘no maintenance’ batteries also need regular but minimal care, and cleaning services are also required to keep up with their performance.

• Flat batteries don’t affect the fuel economy
A discharged battery can trouble the alternator when you try to start the vehicle. It, ultimately, puts strain on the engine, causing it to consume additional fuel. A flat battery can also disturb the other electrical components of the vehicle. Therefore, the dead automotive batteries should be serviced at the earliest to avoid performance issues and any further damages, or it should simply be replaced with a new one if the existing battery seems to have reached its end-of-life.

• Each car possess a specific life cycle
It is also one of the myths which people believe about an automotive vehicle. Each four-wheeler battery is manufactured differently and has separate technological specifications. The life of an automotive battery depends on various factors, like its maintenance requirement, its dimension, the climatic region, the frequency of car usage, the number of electrical elements dependent on the battery and how much they are used, for how long the car is driven, etc. Therefore, steady performance from every battery should not be expected, and it is hard to estimate an exact timeline for battery life.

• Unutilized batteries preserve the charge
An automotive battery is a consumable one, no matter which brand you pick or how much money you spend on it. It loses its life over time, even if you don’t utilize it much. Therefore, leaving a vehicle unused for a long time and disconnecting the battery, believing that the battery will remain unconsumed, is not wise thinking as the other electrical components supported by the battery power might get affected by its disconnection. Hence, it is advisable to maintain regular checkups of the battery to preserve the battery health of an idle vehicle.

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