OFF-Grid V/S Tag Bharat Ultima

OFF-Grid V/S Tag Bharat Ultima

OFF-Grid V/S Tag Bharat Ultima

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  • Dec 19, 2022


For many people, using a small renewable energy system that is not connected to the electricity grid – known as an Off-Grid system – to power, their homes or small businesses makes economic sense and appeals to their environmental values.

Off-Grid systems can be more cost-effective in remote locations than extending a power line to the electricity grid (which can cost $15,000 to $50,000 per mile). However, these systems are also used by people who live near the grid and want to be independent of their power provider or demonstrate their commitment to non-polluting energy sources.

This equipment may include the following:
● Batteries
● Charge Regulator
● Equipment for power conditioning
● Equipment for safety
● Instrumentation and meters

More information on the additional equipment required for Off-Grid home energy systems can be found on balance-of-system equipment requirements for small renewable energy systems.

But if you use Tag Bharat Ultima, you won't need these assets because you can install it by yourself, and as well as you'll get several benefits with this. Check out the benefits of the pocket-friendly Tag Bharat Ultima.

TAG Bharat Ultima
Tag Bharat Ultima had made it simpler for you to obtain an accurate metering calculation since it has a remote monitoring system with full digital management, using an automatic conversion from solar to grid and vice versa. In order to serve you better, we have made every effort to adhere to modern daily routines, which makes the process simple and hassle-free.

● Tag Bharat ultima is simple to use and install. It is specially designed to save electricity, and as we all know, electricity is produced by water, so by using this Tag Bharat Ultima, we save water as well.
● It is extremely safe, and there is organically produced energy that allows you to use all of your amenities such as a television, refrigerator, air conditioning, washing machine, fan, and more.
● You don't need a generator or an inverter for this.
● Also you don't need to worry about power cuts.
● It helps in reducing the cost of your electricity bill.

Tag Bharat Ultima is a first-generation entrepreneurship initiative led by a group of Tesla employees dedicated to developing, building, producing, marketing, and distributing next-generation solar energy-based solutions for local, regional, and global markets.

Tag Bharat Ultima comes with no maintenance and no ongoing costs, in addition to a lifetime warranty under AMC (Annual Maintenance Contract).

Tesla Power USA is one of the leading brands in the battery industry and is moving towards sustainable solutions for powering up the entire world. Tag Bharat Ultima is one of our greatest innovations that will change the dynamics of the solar industry. We are looking forward to inviting all industries that still make use of large battery banks, old generators, and traditional solar solutions for their regular power requirements. Tag Bharat Ultima is a one-time cost that can save huge money for a lifetime. With our extensive service network across India, we guarantee hassle-free maintenance and support.

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