Planning to Power Your House with Solar Energy?

Planning to Power Your House with Solar Energy?

Planning to Power Your House with Solar Energy?
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  • Nov 08, 2021

Solar Panels are an absolute home power solution that enables energy-saving and reduces both power bills and carbon footprint. Nowadays, many residential and commercial spaces are switching to solar panels as a part of their energy plan to use natural sunlight as a convenient resource.

Although installing solar panels nowadays is simply a piece of cake, several factors should be considered before its installation.

1. Fundamental Considerations:
• Estimation of approximate energy requirements and how much to cover with a solar array.
• Consumption of energy annually and monthly.
• Optimization of the house’s electrical wiring.
• How much peak sunlight can be expected for the region?
• The direction of the roof.
• Minimal shading.

2. The Requirement of Solar Panels: It is important to estimate the solar panel coverage needed to meet the requirements of the power consumption. This estimate largely depends on:
• The amount of sunlight one obtains
• The consumption of complete energy

3. Requirements of Equipment: A solar system comprises solar panels, inverters, and batteries. However, in order to choose a solar panel or inverter, go for a renowned and trusted brand, buying all three pieces of equipment from a single brand.

4. Cost Factor: Even with the expansion of the home-based solar energy market, the prices have steadily been dropping, PV arrays are still a significant investment. However, to estimate an accurate solar price for your home, you can use an online solar calculator.

5. Warranty: Solar systems come up mostly with warranties like 10-25 years.

Tesla Power USA is one of the leading names in changing the solar industry with its innovative technology. With its high-quality solar panels and solar inverters, Tesla Power USA provides clean, affordable, and reliable energy to homes, businesses, and power plants. Tesla Power USA boosts global renewable energy development through constant innovation, keeping in mind the benefit of humanity.

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