Reason Behind Inverter Batteries Death Earlier Than Expected

Reason Behind Inverter Batteries Death Earlier Than Expected

Reason Behind Inverter Batteries Death Earlier Than Expected
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  • May 03, 2021

A battery is such an imperative part of an inverter, without which it cannot function. The performance of an inverter entirely depends on its battery. Hence, it is important to maintain regular care of a battery to keep it in a good situation for a longer period.

Some reasons due to which an inverter battery fails earlier than expected duration are discussed below:

Excessive Usage
The usage of a battery decides its life span as too much utilization may wear and tear the battery faster. Inverter utilizes the power stored in the inverter battery and supplies electricity during power failures. The more devices or appliances you use during power cuts, the more power will be sucked out of the battery, making them deteriorate faster.

Battery Charger Of Poor Quality
A charger charges the battery when the electricity is coming from the utility. So, it should be of good quality to extend the inverter battery life as a poor quality charger can destroy the battery faster.

Excessive Charging
If a battery is charged more than its requirement, it can lead to corrosion of battery plates that eventually results in premature battery failure. So, make sure not to overcharge a battery to keep its life worth going.

Releasing The Complete Charge Of The Battery
If the charge of a battery is fully released, it is not a good sign for the health of any rechargeable battery. A battery, like a rechargeable battery, loses its capacity and efficiency when it is deep discharged.

No Regular Maintenance
Lack of regular maintenance is one of the main reasons behind a battery failure. Poor maintenance leads to rust, corrosion, and dryness that are the biggest enemies of the inverter battery. The occurrence of rusts in terminals restricts current flow to and from the inverter battery, resulting in slow charging and reducing battery life. Additionally, a battery requires regular filling of distilled water, as a dry battery also leads to battery failure.

It is important to check inverter batteries on a regular basis for any damage or fault as the electrolyte often leaks through cracks occurred in a battery and lack of electrolyte leads to battery failure.

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