Showcasing Some Inverter Problems And Their Solutions

Showcasing Some Inverter Problems And Their Solutions

Showcasing Some Inverter Problems And Their Solutions
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  • Sep 03, 2021

Nowadays, everybody is well aware of inverters and their tremendous contribution towards providing uninterrupted power supplies. An inverter is a device that necessarily supplies continuous power in residential and commercial places for the smooth and uninterrupted working of appliances. But what if your inverter, along with its battery, faces a problem? Let us discuss some common problems with inverters along with their solutions:

Defective Power switch: A defective power switch is one of the most common inverter problems for its non-working. For a defective power switch, you can either repair it by visiting the service center or can call an executive at your place.

The battery is not connected: The other common problem for the non-working inverter is the loose battery connections or no connections at all. To make it operational, connect it to the inverter and then switch it on.

Shortened backup time: Shortened backup time can happen for two reasons namely
1. Too much power consumption or
2. The battery is not fully charged.

For excessive power usage, reduce the load. If the battery has a low level of electrolyte, then pour it with distilled water. Make sure to maintain the water level between the maximum and minimum mark.

Tripped inverter battery: If you are dealing with any tripped battery, press the reset button. If you are facing the same issue even after resetting it, try replacing it with Tesla Power USA batteries as we not only provide durable batteries but also offer a great warranty span with post-sale service.

Corroded battery terminals: If you find the terminals are corroded then clean them. It will definitely start working after the clean-up if the non-working is the result of corroded battery terminals.

Alarm beeping continuously: If an inverter alarm is beeping continuously, this happens due to overload. To deal with these problems, make sure to remove the entire extra load or else call for professional help if needed.

Faulty battery: If the battery is not working properly then either it is faulty or about to be dead. Both the cases give rise to battery replacement.

These are some of the most common problems related to the inverter and its battery faced by almost every household having an inverter. Tesla Power USA, being the pioneer in manufacturing durable, efficient, and long-lasting inverters, understands the common household power problems and thus offers the best inverter batteries. To get the wide variety of Tesla Power inverter batteries, visit your nearby Tesla Power Shop and make your buying experience happier.

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