Suzuki Battery Care & Maintenance- 7 Must-have Accessories

Suzuki Gixxer Battery

7 Must-Have Accessories for Suzuki Gixxer Battery Maintenance Kit

suzuki gixxer battery
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  • Feb 19, 2024

In addition to the regular inspection and maintenance of the Suzuki Gixxer battery, the right tools always help extend the life of the battery. A regular inspection schedule of the battery is recommended to maintain the optimum performance of the vehicle. However, battery maintenance can’t be done with bare hands and requires some essential tools. The tools help in the safe maintenance of batteries.

Scrolling down the content will help you know some of the accessories that can share a helping hand during battery maintenance.

7 Must-Have Accessories For Suzuki Gixxer Battery Maintainance

Spray Cleaner
Over time battery starts to leak acid resulting in the corrosion of battery terminals. To make Gixxer battery corrosion-free spray cleaners can be very effective. Spraying on the top of the battery terminal and wiping it with white paper removes all the corrosion of the terminal. The yellow foam chemical present in the spray turns the corrosion pink, leading to a corrosion-free terminal.

Cleaning Brush
Cleaning the battery cables and terminal ensures the best power supply and the best way to enhance the performance. It is necessary to clean the top of the battery using a wire brush. It is recommended to disconnect the negative cable first and install it at last for the safety of the battery.

Terminal protector
After cleaning the battery terminal and making it rust-free protection of the terminal is very necessary. Market has a battery terminal protector kit, to ensure the best electrical connection in the battery.

Hold Down Bracket
A loose-fitted battery is a dead battery. Suffering from vibration results in the decreased performance of the battery, leading to early failure. So, to minimize the battery vibration replace the old battery clamps with the new hold-down bracket. Not to worry, the product is easy to install, less expensive, and easily available in the market.

The energy density of a lead acid battery is determined by the use of the hydrometer. It represents the specific gravity of the battery and helps in knowing the potential of the battery.

Rubber Gloves
While doing the Suzuki Gixxer battery maintenance safety is much important. Use rubber gloves to do any of the activities highlighted above.

Wire Cutter Tool
Wire cutters also known as diagonal pliers intended for the cutting of wires.

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Batteries lose their charge due to the lack of frequent maintenance. So, frequent inspection and maintenance of the battery can increase the overall lifespan of the battery, resulting in better performance and power delivery.

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