How to Troubleshoot Suzuki Battery Issues- Gear up the Thrills

Suzuki Intruder Battery

Troubleshooting Common Issues With Suzuki Intruder Batteries

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  • Feb 15, 2024

Suzuki Intruder, a flagship motorcycle of the Suzuki company, is always among the top-selling bikes. Talking about the history of Intruder, it was designed and constructed in 1998 and gained immediate popularity. The flagship design of the Intruder created a buzz in the market and gained people's attention. Coming down to the negative part of the bike, in recent years, people complained a lot about this motorbike. Following these 7 years, most of the Suzuki problems were prevalent. It includes battery failure, engine failure, rough start, ECU shortcircuit, and many more.

So, acquiring this vintage motorcycle might not be good without knowing the potential problem. However, the riding experience of the users is undoubtedly great. Let’s dive into the two-wheeler battery problem and troubleshoot it.

Top 3 Suzuki Intruder Problem & Solution

Suzuki Intruder is always ready to match the performance whether it is long or short trips. The performance of this cruise bike is exceptional. However, the Suzuki Intruder showcased some problems that affected the overall performance of the riders. The problems may happen in different ways.

1. Rough start
Most of the riders complained about the rough start when they left their vehicles idle for a couple of days. The problem of rough start is more acute in the colder region where the engine has to suffer long to warm up. While in some cases a parking of 2 minutes also requires a rough start.

Always park your bike in a warmer place. Inspect the spark plug and make sure it is not dirty or damaged. Sometimes clogs and inaccurate connections in the battery result in the disturbance of power, leading to a rough start.

2. Battery Failure
Usually, motorcycle battery comes with a lifetime guarantee but it generally lasts up to 3 to 5 years. A battery is very essential to power the electrical system like horns, lights, etc. The cells of the battery may die if not charged for a long time, which is the most common reason for battery failure.

The basic step to avoid battery failure in the Suzuki Intruder is to follow the user manual for battery charging. Charging and maintaining the battery level is the best way to avoid battery failure. Physical inspection of the battery is also necessary to inspect for any fault in a wire.

3. Faulty ECU
The worst problem a user faces in the Suzuki Intruder is a faulty ECU. Describing a faulty ECU is not easy as it may involve problems with the hardware, software, or somewhere else in the vehicle. Pointing and diagnosing faulty ECUs is a challenging task. The engine starts working poorly not delivering enough power, sudden loss of power, and many more.

Start by resetting the ECU or adjusting the settings of the ECU. We recommend seeking advice from the experts to fix it.


Addressing the Suzuki Intruder problem will be very helpful for the owners or for those who are expecting to take this vintage motorcycle to their homes. No doubt, Suzuki has served more than 25 years of presence in the market so, it will not be right to talk about the quality and performance. Apart from this regular maintenance can increase bike battery efficiency and solve the problem of power loss, Tesla Power USA delivers the best battery for daily life commutes.

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