Symptoms of Over-Charging Car Batteries

Symptoms of Over-Charging Car Batteries

Symptoms of Over-Charging Car Batteries
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  • Dec 02, 2021

We usually don't think about the batteries in our vehicles. Battery overcharging can be a serious issue for car batteries. However, if the overload is continuous, even at low levels, in the end, it boiled the drum battery and damages the internal lead plates. Once a battery reaches its full level of charge, excess current from the charger breaks down the electrolyte, releasing oxygen and hydrogen, which is a very explosive mixture.

Two fundamental problems are caused by excessive overcharging:

• Increased production of gases, causing pressure to build up inside the battery.

• Increased battery heating, causing deformation and short-circuit of lead plates.

Symptoms of overcharging of car batteries

Symptom 1: The battery sides should generally be cool. If the sides of the battery are found warm or even hot, it is a clear indication of overcharging. You should check this after at least 30 minutes or more of driving the vehicle.

Symptom 2: If overcharging has occurred for a while, the sides of the battery may be bent.

Symptom 3: If the battery fluid level drops steadily and you need to continue topping up, this also indicates overcharging.

Symptom 4: You can feel the acid evaporate due to overload.

Symptom 5: The only exact way to check for overload is to measure the voltage across the battery. When the vehicle engine and all accessories are off, the voltage at the terminals should be approximately 12.6 volts.

Now, measure again after starting the vehicle. With the engine running, the alternator provides a battery charge current. The voltage should rise to a maximum of about 14.2 volts. If the voltage reaches higher than this, the regulator is probably faulty.

Therefore, make sure not to overcharge your vehicle’s battery. However, if you want to replace your existing battery, get the widest range of batteries suitable for your vehicle from the world’s leading battery manufacturing brand, Tesla Power USA by visiting the nearest Tesla Power Shop. All batteries come along with longest warranty and assure you the best performance.

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